Featured in Flow Magazine

I was featured in a magazine, and not just any magazine, but the Cutest magazine I have ever laid eyes on.

And it's not really even a magazine, it's more of a book.

Flow Magazine, from the Netherlands contacted me a few months back and asked if they could feature my driftwood starfish in their Summer edition.
Of course I said yes!

I then some-what forgot about it, I thought maybe it didn't make the cut.
So I'm sure you can imagine my surprise to find a beautifully wrapped package in my mail box.
I immediately flip through it to find my image.
So exciting!!  And just equally exciting to see my blog  listed in the credits.

However, the magazine, being that it is from The Netherlands is all in Dutch.

So I've been using my google translator like crazy trying to read it all.

The above captions reads, "Starfish 
With a dozen equal pieces of driftwood and rope to make a starfish"
 . . or something like that :)

I'm also loving all of the other driftwood projects featured.

So looking through the rest of the book has been SO much fun.  The book is chalk full of sweet little surprises.  It has note cards, pretty paper, craft ideas, posters, journals, home ideas, stories, recipes, games, stickers and even paper dolls, and so so much more.

Here are a few favorites:

This is a journal that reads, "Fresh look Writing notebook"

And in it, each page has a topic to write about.
for example this page reads, " I always do this on vacation and when I am back home, I miss it"

A neat little picture mat:

A few pages are in English. Love these quotes.

I am so delighted to be featured in such a colorful, creative, and thoughtful book.

Thank you, Flow Magazine!

And thank you all for stopping by,


P.S.  HERE is my post on How to make a Driftwood Starfish.


  1. Congrats, Emily! What a lovely magazine! I love the starfish project, too!

  2. What a fabulous magazine! I am so excited for you for having had you cute cute starfish featured! Congrats....!! :)
    xox, Crystelle