Recycled Crafts for Kids

Our Library is having a Summer Reading Program for kids.
My boys have had a lot of fun participating in all of the fun weekly activities.
As part of the program, the library was giving away t-shirts to kids who brought in a craft made up of recycled items.
So my boys and I searched Pinterest and came up with some great ideas, then we got busy crafting.
Jaxon, my 5 year old made this crazy monster:

First we covered a tissue box with green paper.  Then we cut up white paper for the sharp teeth.  The legs are made from a wrapping paper tube. And lastly we hot glued on some googly eyes.

Liam, my 8 year old made this adorable ladybug yard art.

He also helped me make the bumble bee.
Here we started off with some clean and dried soup cans. First we painted them, then we twisted on some pipe cleaner for the wings and antennas.  We used hot glue to attach the googly eyes.
And lastly we poked a hole in the bottom with a nail and pushed in a garden stake to hold it up

I thought both crafts turned out adorable.
And Liam and Jaxon were super excited about their new t-shirts.

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