Guess who got a New Camera?!!

Yup, This girl here got a new Camera!!

And I am super stoked about it!

Remember me whining all about how my last camera broke?
Well after much research, I got a new DSLR Camera.
It's a Canon EOS Rebel T3. 

It has been so much fun trying out, and I have been taking pictures with it non-stop.

I still have a ton to learn about my new camera,
 but I'm finding everything I need to know is on the Internet.
There are some really great blog post about photography that are so helpful.
It's so exciting yet frustrating all at the same time.

Non of these pictures have been edited.
I took these pictures in RAW mode like everyone says to do.  However, RAW is not compatible with the editing program I use.

It also took forever to upload these pictures onto my blog today.
So for now I'm switching over to JPEG.
Unless any of you have some suggestions for me ??

I told ya I took lots of pictures.
And I was taking them at random, all throughout our home.

And outside too.

I think the funnest part is playing around with aperture.
I could not get this great effect with my last camera.

So beware, from now on all of my post are going to have a bazillion pictures to go with them.

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. Nice! I have the same camera and love it. I totally need to practice using it more, I still struggle with settings, etc. Anyway, are you attending Roses & Rust Vintage Market on Saturday at the fairgrounds? I can't wait to see what fun stuff I will find! Have fun with your new camera!

  2. Very fun!! I'm still saving my pennies for a camera... Someday! Do you mind sharing what camera you just upgraded from? It also took lovely pictures...


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