Father's Day Wood Picture Holder

My boy's made their dad this neat wood picture holder for Father's day.

We started off with a small sanded block of wood.

 Using a hand saw I carefully sawed a slit into the wood.  It is about a 1/4 inch deep.

I found some eyelet letters to add to our picture holder,  however they were a peach color, which isn't quite a Dad color.

 So Jax sprayed them silver.

 He also stained the wood a dark walnut color.

 Using a hammer and some small nails, Liam attached the letters.

 I took this picture of the boy's in their new Bengals shirts that their dad just brought back for them from Cincinnati.
We printed it out and slid it into the slit in the wood.

I think their Dad is going to love the gift they made for him.

Happy Fathers Day Jake!
You are an Amazing Father and we love you so much.

And Happy Fathers Day to my Great Dad, and to all of the other dads out there.
I hope you all have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. Precious, just precious. Can't think of anything of anything a dad would rather have.


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