4th of July Candle Jar

So we have been doing a little bit of 4th of July decorating around here. 
Today, I wanted to share this really simple flag candle jar I made.

I found the large jar at a yard sale last weekend.  I actually have a few just like it in my kitchen, they store my sugar, flour and oats.  And actually, I picked my others up at a yard sale as well.
I once went to Costco to see what I could buy to get the large jar, and I found nothing.
But this jar definitely once held pickles, the smell is still lingering a bit.
So if you ever find these large jars at a yard sale, or wherever, scoop them up, you'll find many uses for them.

Anyway, I simply just tied some jute rope around a flag on the jar.
I then filled the bottom of the jar with sand,  and placed a large white candle inside.

Really simple,  yet so festive.  I love it!

 I'll be back soon to share some more 4th of July ideas with you.
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  2. Cute! So simple to make and looks beachy :)

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