Whiskey Oil Bottle

Today I wanted to share how I turned an old whiskey bottle into a unique oil dispenser.

We cook with a lot of olive oil in our home, and that is why I buy the huge bottle of it at Costco.
It's nice to always have it on hand, but the bottle itself is just a bit too big and heavy to be pouring into a fry pan.
So I have always just filled up this little oil dispenser I had.

 However, the lid on it was not a tight fit. There would be times when it would actually fall off  while I was cooking and I would end up with way more olive oil then needed, 
olive oil soup anyone?

 So I searched my cupboards and found this old whiskey bottle.
I gave it a good cleaning, removed the labels, and filled it with olive oil.
I liked the shape of it, and I also liked the bubbled glass letters.

But most of all, I like that the dispenser lid fits it nice and snug.

Now hopefully no one gets confused and try and pour themselves a shot of olive oil.

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  1. Brilliant - and now I'm heading for our recycle box to see if there's an interesting bottle to try this out.

  2. Great idea....I'm inspired to do something similar!

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