Pillow Swap

How are you all doing?
This past week has been so crazy busy for us.
Between school end parties, field trips, pre-school graduation, and baseball games I have not found much time to blog or work on any of my millions of projects I've got laying around here.

But at exactly 1:30 Today, our Summer Break will have Started!
I'm really looking forward to the lazy days of summer, and spending more time with my boys.

I did however switch a few pillows around and thought I'd share that with you today.
My husband likes to tease me about the mass amount of pillows we have, and yet I still bring home new ones.
 But I love pillows. I think they are the easiest way to change the look of a room.

 I have brought these red plaid pillows into our living room.  I think they play nicely with the nautical theme I have going on.

I then used pillows to tie the living room in with the sunroom/office.

 And that's all!
hopefully I  will find some time soon to finish up a few more projects around here.... or not, whatever, it's summer now. Time to play.

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  1. Your pillows are fun! I raised two boys and loved summer vacation. It was always a bit of transition each spring (and each autumn) but I loved having them home.

  2. I say you can't have too many pillows. I am like you and swap them out all the time. I have way too many and yet will buy new ones. I just adore your day bed.


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