Barn Wood Planks on Mantel

I have added some old barn wood planks to my mantel and I am completely in love with it.
This may just be one of my favorite projects ever!

As you probably remember, here is what my mantel looked like before. 
 I had painted in a green color.

But I always knew that I wanted to add wood planks to it some day.
And then one day as my mother-in-law and I were driving down the road after dropping off my son at pre-school, we noticed a couple of old barns that were about to be torn down.

One of the barns had a sign on it saying, "wood, windows and doors for sale" and a phone number to call.

Actually, we drove by these barns every time after dropping my son off at pre-school and I always commented on how I would like to stop and take a look around.  Then finally one day we actually did stop and turns out we stopped just in time since the barns were going to be torn down a few days later.

So my mother-in-law and I parked the car a few blocks away (since there was massive construction going on). We crossed a dirt street that had just been flattened by a steamroller.  We then made ourselves at home looking around the barns. We both found things we liked and so we called the phone number that was listen on the sign.
A little while later a woman showed up a in an old dirt pick-up truck. She helped us load up our new treasures in the back of her truck and then she gave us a  crazy-bumpy lift, over the construction zone, back to our car, drinks a flying off the dashboard and everything!

It was such an adventurous day! My mother-in-law and I had so much fun!
My mother-in-law picked up this adorable blue window frame..

And I picked up some barn wood planks that we literally ripped off of the old barn. So when I say barn wood, I'm not a kidding!
I came home, washed my planks really good with the hose which took off most of the old lead base paint. I then measured and had Jake saw them to size. Next, I painted them in a pretty white and attached the planks to my mantel using small nails.

It's not perfect, but I think that's what adds to the charm of it.
I hung my driftwood mirror back up and then decorated the mantel using pots of grass, bottles, boat floats and a starfish.  All so very beachy.

And then while photographing my mantel.... my camera broke!!
I'm so very sad, but I have been wanting a new DSLR camera for a while now, so I guess it will all be okay :)
But in the mean time, I had to switch over to my phone camera which is why these pictures are not the greatest.

 I also picked up an old window screen at the barn, more on that to come.
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  1. Lordy, I am IN LOVE and totally jealous that you live somewhere with old barns. Pinning this awesome mantel now :)

  2. I really really love this!!!!

  3. So love the new mantle area. You're lucky you got there just in time! You did an awesome job with styling too.

  4. Obsessed! Looks so good. I need to get my hands on some old barn wood asap!

  5. Just when I think your living room can't get any better, it does. So fun!