The House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer

Are you like me and need a little help when it comes to houseplants?
Or are you already an expert gardener who might be looking for a little growing inspiration?
Either way, I have an amazing book for you!

CICO Books has invited me to take part in the book tour for this very inspiring book:

The House Gardener
Ideas and Inspiration for indoor gardens
by Isabelle Palmer

The House Gardener is Isabelle Palmer's second book following her first book, The Balcony Gardener.
Isabelle Palmer shares her creative and unique ideas for a small space garden in your home.  
She is truly talented!

In this book, Isabelle Palmer shows you how to choose, grow and decorate with houseplants, as well as guide you through the different techniques needed to care for your new "green guests."

In the first chapter, Enclosed in Glass, Isabelle shows you how to use various glass objects, such as bottles, vases, and even wine glasses to create your own miniature gardens and watch them grow.
I especially loved this one where she has created her own little pond, using bogwood and an aquatic plant.

The second chapter, Old Finds, is all about using unexpected objects as containers, as well as recycling old ones. Here Isabelle has planted thyme bushes into a crate. Throughout the book Isabelle shares so many great planting ideas.

The third chapter is dedicated to Hanging Gardens.  I have always loved hanging plants, they add a stunning focal point in your home. But would you have ever thought to frame a plant, such as moss or succulents?  Isabelle Palmer has created some beautiful works of living art.

This book is not just about indoor plants, in the fourth chapter Isabelle also shares some ways to add plants just outside of a house or apartment. From window sills to front doors to balconies, she has smart ideas. Isabelle shows you how to create a welcoming entrance, how to establish your own little retreat, and even how to grow your own outside salad garden.

The last chapter, Tools, Materials and Techniques is the most helpful, especially for a beginner gardener like myself.
Isabelle covers the basics of growing houseplants from start to finish.
Here, Isabelle is sharing how to cut fresh flowers for display.

Not only have I learned so much from reading this book, I have also been so wonderfully inspired.  I am going to go give some much needed attention to my highly neglected house plants.

Thank you, Isabelle Palmer for creating this beautiful book.
Thank you CICO Books for inviting me to take part in this book tour.
And Thank you all for stopping by today,

Happy Gardening!

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