Living Room Rug

Back in March I had asked you all your opinion on two rugs for our living room
 (post seen HERE.)
Majority of the votes was for the first one, a denim rug, although most agreed it was too small for the room,  so I ended up going with this one, an indoor-outdoor navy and tan rug, which was the second choice.

However, I actually kept both rugs, the denim one is now in our master bedroom, but I like the idea that I can switch them up as I wish.
Thanks again for your help!
And sorry it took me so long to let you know which one I chose.

I also have brought in some of the white blossoms from the tree in our backyard,
they made the whole room smell so wonderful.

I have also recently added two new chairs to our living room.  I'll be back to share them with you all soon.
Thanks for stopping by,



  1. The rug looks great! And your white flowers look so pretty with your awesome driftwood mirror.You big tease...not showing us the chairs! lol!

  2. looks good. i bought the same pillow from ikea :)

  3. I liked both options, but this rug fits the spot perfectly! Love it :)