Hanging Plates in our Dining Room

I absolutely adore a collection of plates hanging on the wall.
 So I always knew I wanted to create a plate display in our dining room.
 I have been collecting cute plates for quite a while now.
I decided my collection was complete after picking up these two beauties from Ikea.

I even bought special plate hangers just for these two plates because I wanted to make sure that they were up on the wall safe.
 As for all of the other plates, I wasn't too protected of them since most of them just came from the thrift store.
I found this idea on Pinterest where you use Gorilla tape and paper clips to create your own plate hanger.
"Genius" I said to myself.

 I had gotten all of the plates hung up on the wall and loved the look.
 It was just what I was hoping for. But  then.....

Apparently the Gorilla tape and paper clip didn't work so well....Not such a genius idea after all.
But the sad part is - not only did I loose one of the thrift store 'no-big-deal plates', but it also took my large pretty Ikea plate with it.  I was super sad!
 But once I wiped away the tears, I searched my cupboards for a back up plan, and this is what I came up with:

 I think it still turned out great, and it kept with the idea I was going for.  The difference being the blue bunt pan that I think now adds a little more charm, and a large white plate that keeps the look simple.
 Note: All plates are now hung by plate hangers :)

I think the little blue stool that I painted  recently ties in perfectly now.

I am actually going to get a new-old table.  My mother in law just moved and we have decided to swap tables.  This one will fit into her kitchen perfectly and in exchange I will be getting a larger one, that will be great for entertaining. So I'm excited for that.

Thank you all for stopping by today.
If I'm not back by the end of the week, I wish you all a Happy Easter!



  1. I love the blue and white. It has become one of my favorite combinations. Doesn't it hurt to have one of your favorite plates to break. Makes me want to cry. Love the natural table among on the whites and blues. Great choice.

  2. I love it! You are too cute :)

  3. Oh No! Your poor pretty plate! Your back of plan does look good though I have to say. I'm loving the pop of blue in your white space. So pretty and fresh looking.

  4. I hot glue pop tops to the back of my plates to hang. No crash....

    1. Great idea! How heavy is the heaviest plates you hang with 'hot glue & pop tops'?