Framing a Burlap Coffee Sack

My husband's Uncle owns a store in Salt Lake called, Backyard Birds.  It's an incredibly fun and whimsical store that sells bird houses, yard decor, and so much more. 
We stopped in while we were down visiting over Spring break. I picked up a cool outdoor lantern that is solar powered. It looks so neat hanging from our patio, so now I want to get a couple more. 
 Anyway,  while we were there I noticed a pile of burlap sacks stashed in a corner, 
I guess a lot of the birdbaths come packaged with burlap around them.  
They told me I could just take whatever I wanted for free.
So I grabbed these two here:

I decided I wanted to frame the black and brown one in the frame I just got from Ikea.

 All I did was cut the front of the sack off and trimmed it down to size.
I then ironed it on a high setting. Then using duct tape, pulling the sides down I taped it to the back of the picture frame.

Easy enough!
 I found that the best place to hang it was in my kitchen.
You may remember, I had an old rake hanging here previously.

 I think it ties nicely into the room.

What do you think?
Thank you, Backyard Birds!
And thank you all for stopping by,


  1. Girllll, this is great! Too easy and I would never have thought of this! Love it in your kitchen. No on would ever know it didn't come from Pottery Barn. Love it!

  2. What a great idea. And your so right, it fits your kitchen perfectly.


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