A Trip to IKEA, Bedroom Progress, And a Pug Party

 A lot has been going on these last few weeks.
So I thought I'd share a few things with you all today.
The first being my trip to Ikea... one of my most favorite stores ever!  Seriously I could spend all day in Ikea... and I really come close, I do.
We took a quick trip to Salt Lake for Spring Break.  Spent a little time with some family, but mainly we went so I could go shopping.  Ha Ha.  My husband and boys HATE Ikea, so I went with my mother- in- law and we met up with my sister.  I had such a fun day. 
Here are all of the goodies I bought:

Of course I got some pillows! 
I don't think I have ever come out of Ikea without at least one pillow.
I got two feathered euro pillows and a set of two white pillowcases  to go with them.  Then I got a pretty linen pillow with a feathered insert,  I was thinking they would all look great together on my bed.
And lastly I just loved this blue and white nautical pillow.

 I also fell in love with this white butter dish.  

  I have had my eyes on these plates for awhile now,  I can't wait to show you were they ended up in my home.

 I  also got a pretty wood frame, which I will also share where that ended up.  I got a new step stool for the boy's bathroom so that my little Jax can now see himself in the mirror.  I picked up a black sink caddy that doesn't fit my sink so it now works as a drawer organizer, and lastly I got a new wood cutting board and wooden spoon. 
 I really got a great pile of goods, eh?  
It's probably a good thing Boise doesn't have an Ikea,  I already want to go back.

 The two euro shams were meant to go on my bed, but I had thrown them on my couch and really liked the extra cushion and grander look it gave it.  
So ya, I need to go back to Ikea for 2 more shams for my bed.

 The nautical pillow fits in great with my living room, as I knew it would.

O.K. so Moving on. 
What I have currently been working on is painting our master bedroom.
Before it was the same tan as all of the rest of our house.

And Now it is getting painted with a whole lot of beautiful white.
(The color is called Subway Tile by Valspar)
It is lighting up the room SO much!

It is such a big job since it's a large room and also because the color continues in the closet and down the stairs.
 But I'm almost done painting it all, now I'm just freshening up all of the trim, giving it a coat of bright white paint.
Can't wait to be done already!

And Lastly, I just wanted to share that my little pug, Abby turned 10 years old!

She got a new collar, lots of treats and we took her to the Pug Meetup, where 50+ Pugs helped her celebrate her special day.

 I Love this Sweet Dog!

So that is what I have been up to.
What have you all been doing for your Spring Breaks?

Thanks for Stopping by,


  1. YAY you got the dishes! and love that new pillow!

  2. Love blue and white. I could just plop down in that sofa and take a nap! I have never been to Ikea. The closes one is 120 miles away. I think if would be worth the trip!

  3. I love shopping at Ikea too! In fact I think I'm overdue for a trip there. :) That nautical pillow looks awesome on your couch!!

  4. Great Ikea Finds! I do especially love the pillow - my Mom surprised me with the same one the other day.

  5. You've been busy. Love your Ikea finds. I always seem to come home with pillows, rugs and photo frames . . . like every-time!