Spring Wreath

My tulips are about 5 inches out of the ground
 I have little buds forming on all of my trees
My days are filled with sunshine and rain
 This all means one thing, Spring is on it's way!

I love Spring!
To celebrate springs arrival I decided I needed a new wreath for our front door.
So I created this simple, yet pretty one here:
 All of the adornments came from the dollar store.
Here is what I picked up:
- One bag of mixed mosses
- One bag of raffia
- One strand of green leaves
- One bunch of faux white daffodils

The Dollar store had a wide verity of different flowers, mosses, etc. 
 I chose to go with a white and green with a natural look.
I already had this wreath here:
 Then I just started adding all of my adornments.
First I added the green leaves, and then I tucked in all of the flowers.

*Tip: I used baggy twist ties to wire it all down.  They are the perfect size and work well when you don't have floral wire on hand.
 Next I created a little nest using the dried grass that was mixed in with the bag of moss.
And the last  thing I did was loosely wrap the raffia around the wreath. It added an almost realness to it, almost like a bird might really come make a home in my wreath.
 But, I sure hope one doesn't.
 I have hung the wreath on my front door, and I think it makes for a warm welcome.
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  1. Loveeeeeee this tutorial! ♥ I love those wreaths, they look adorable in all doors.
    Love! xxx


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