Spring Cleaning Kitchen Hutch

Hello Friends!
I have done a little Spring Cleaning to our Kitchen Hutch, which is not necessarily a hutch but a built-in display area in our kitchen, but I like to think of it as a hutch.


But it was not looking very pretty at the moment.

 It had become a huge dumping ground for mail, purses, phones, chargers, keys and everything else.
Everybody has a spot in their homes like this, right?

So I decided I needed to get some organization going on here.  Actually, I was inspired by this cute little yellow bowl I picked up at Thai Pan Trading for only 3.79 ( they also come in white).
Sometimes it takes something new to kick my butt into organizing a space, just so my new item will have a pretty home.
Do any of you do that too?

 And like I mentioned in my last post,  I'm slowly introducing a little bit of yellow into my kitchen.
I love the bright, happy pops of color it adds to the room.

 So I first started re-arranging the upper shelves.  Before they were full of just glassware, and now I have mixed in some plates, my new yellow bowl and a stack of yellow striped dish towels. 
Looks a lot better now.

 Then below I have turned a bread box into a storage place for all of our chargers.  The mail and other junk have all found a new home too. . . at least for now.

 Next up is to clean out those junk drawers below...... but we will save that for another day :)
As for now,  I am currently painting our Master Bedroom, and it is a Huge job!!!  Can't wait to get that done and I will post pictures of it soon.

Thanks for stopping by,



  1. I think it would qualify as a hutch. I love the yellow pop of color. I'm thinking about adding back my yellow. Love it!

  2. Yup... it's a hutch :) Luv the yellow. I have yellow Knowles dishes out in the open cabinet for daily Spring use as well. Yellow forsythia.

  3. I'm forever trying to keep my home organized (junk drawers, uhggg!) Your hutch looks lovely; clean with pops of cheery color! I can't wait to see how your master bedroom paint turns out...

  4. What a beautiful kitchen. The yellow really does jazz up the space - I love it!

  5. Wow!!!! This is awesome. And I wish I would have known about this when we moved into our house in June. It was DISGUSTING. And I spent hours trying to clean everything up. It was nasty. Thanks so much.

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