My Awesome Birthday Gifts & Your opinion Please

So Yesterday was my 36th Birthday!
I had such a wonderful day. It started off with my boy's serving me breakfast in bed, along with flowers and handmade cards.

Then I went out shopping with my wonderful Mother in Law.
We went to my favorite store. . .The Goodwill!  
My good friend called me while I was out shopping, and she was laughing that the Goodwill  is where I wanted to go for my Birthday.  :)
But look at what I found...

 It's a big white enamel pot that has a built in strainer.  This is going to be so great to cook pasta and veggies in.  I can't wait to use it. Isn't it so neat?
I know, I'm funny and get excited over every day things.


 Then in the evening my husband made me the most delicious dinner ever.  
We watched the Birthday video he made me a couple years back, and then just for fun we watched the video I made him for his big 40th birthday.  It was so fun to see our lives back to back and where they meet up.  I just love him,  he's the best hubby ever!
And then we ate chocolate cake!

OK.  So my mother in law came to dinner too and brought presents!!
Which I already knew all about because I picked them all out myself :) 
We go shopping together a lot, and have way too much fun.
 So I picked these dishes out at Big Lots of all places, and love them. They feel very nautical to me.

Then I fell in love with these hand towels at Home Goods.
I want to bring in some yellow accents to my kitchen.

 And then she gave me Two Rugs to choose from (which I also picked out) 
They are from Big Lots too.
I liked them both, but wanted to see which one looked better in my living room.
She had them wrapped SO cute with big yellow bows and yellow Daisy's.
Yes, I know she likes to spoil me :)

So Here is the first Rug:

 It is actually made of denim!

 I think it looks good,  It matches the throw pillows perfectly, but I may want to re-paint the fireplace... which is a really easy fix.

It may be a little too small for the space.

 And here is the Second rug:

It is actually an indoor/outdoor rug so it should hold up well.
I like that it is bigger,  and I like how it has more tan in it, so it is not too overwhelming of a pattern.
However, I think either way I will need to re-paint the fireplace in a color that will flow better.  But like I mentioned before it took only a small sample of paint and about 10 minutes.... so no big deal.

The boy's liked this one better.

 But I want to know which one you all like best

Thanks for your help!
Also, I just wanted to say thank you to all of my family and friends who helped make my birthday so special.  I'm very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life,  including all of you, my wonderful readers.
Thanks for stopping by,

P.S.  My Hubby also gave me a gift card to Ikea..... I'm so lucky! I'll be back to share my wish list with you all another time.


  1. I love the second rug, the tan brings out the pillow on the couch and it is such a good contrast!! Beautiful kitchen goods, I'll have to keep an eye for those tea towels at Homegoods!

  2. I prefer the second one too. I also don't think you need to change the colour on your fireplace. I still think it ties in well with the other colours and could end up looking too match matchy! Looks great xx

  3. i like the look of the first but i agree it is too small. you could layer it over a jute rug?

  4. #1 Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I love all of your gifts. I love the first rug, but I have always been a rag rug fan. It is a bit small, but the color is great. Either one looks beautiful.

  6. I like the 1st one....and the dishes!

  7. Happy Birthday Emily! I could vote, but I'm colorblind, but both are very nice! I love your MIL.
    I enjoy your blog so much!

  8. What a wonderful way to celebrate. The dishes are very nice. Rugs... I like the first , but the second one is a better size for the room.
    Happy birthday.

  9. I love the first but it is smaller than the 2nd one. I love the dishes and the yellow towels...happy belated birthday!

  10. Happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you had such a fun day! I love the first rug, but wish it were larger. If only I had a magic rug stetcher to give you for your birthday! Love those hapy yelow dish toweltoo!

  11. You had a Birthday that I would like, Good Will is my favorite too and I love all that you got. I recently met a man and when he asked where I wanted to go on our 2nd date I said Good Will and we each found things we liked. I really love the denim rug but the other is a better size.

  12. Happy birthday! ......and I like # 2 go your living room :)

  13. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun one! I'm loving all your fun gifts, especially the rugs. I love the look of #1, but #2 seems to fit the space better...