A few changes in our Home Office/Sunroom

This Morning came way too early for us, how about for you?
Daylight Savings sure is an adjustment, but I don't mind it too much because it's also a reminder that Spring is on it's way, with more Sunny days and time to play!

So you may have noticed a few changes to my blog lately.  The first obviously is the new picture header,  I like to change it up often.  Second, I added some social media buttons, I have yet to set up for Twitter or Google+ but please let me know if that is a way you would like to connect with The Wicker House.
Third, I added a new Facebook button which allows you  to " Like" The Wicker House just by clicking on it. .  So now would be a great time to become a Facebook follower if you are not already.  I always share on Facebook when a new post is up. I also added a list of my latest pins from Pinterest, if you like my style, feel free to follow me there as well.
( I hope you are not all laughing at me right now,  I'm a little slow to the game and not very tech savvy,  but I'm always so proud of myself whenever I do add something new to this blog, because it always takes a lot of googling to figure it out first ).
And Forth,  I also updated my Project page.  It was a fun little trip down memory lane pulling out some of my favorite projects from the past.   So please check that out.

OK, so moving on,  Last week I shared my ForRent.com / Amplified Apartments / Home Edition Feature.  You can see that HERE.
Once I decided I wanted to share our Home Office/ Sun room for the feature,  I thought a few new pictures of the room was needed, since there has been a few changes.
One of which is our new industrial light, learn more about it HERE

Today I thought I'd share the rest of the pictures I took of the room, Have a look.




 I still need to get another collage frame so we can add our last trip to Disney World to our vacation gallery wall.


Another change I made was switching up the bedding on our day bed.   With Spring on it's way I thought some pops of color would be nice to brighten up the room.

I like that the room is pretty light and airy,  but has pops of color here and there.

All of the colors I used in the room can be found in the maps behind the bookshelves.


And then the last change I made was I hung a few of my Grandma Nora's hats on the wall.  They make me Happy whenever I see them.


In fact, this whole room makes me pretty Happy.  It's one of my favorite places to be.

 To see our original home office/sun room reveal, click HERE.  In that post you will find more information about the room, the paint color, and some of the decor.

Thanks for stopping by today,  


  1. Emily - I love the new header! I am slow to the game too. I have yet to figure out the how to add the icon buttons to my blog. The office looks beautiful.

  2. The room is so beautiful!!!! I love the hats on the wall!

  3. What a beautiful sight! You've got an amazing looking sunroom, with all those decors and accents. I think you really have a great eye for design. I love how you incorporated those woven hats into the design. The whole place is very relaxing. It's now the perfect spot for artistic and metal pursuits. Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful part of your home!

    Sally Page @ Sunrooms of Buffalo