Paper Heart Garland

Last Friday my boy's had no school because of PTC, so I found us a fun and easy Valentines craft that we could work on together. We made this Paper Heart Garland.

I found the idea and instructions here on Pinterest.
Jake had brought home a bunch of strips of paper from work.  
They were the perfect size for this project. 
(1 1/2 X 12 Inches)

All you do is create a heart shape with the paper and staple it in place. And then add a new strand of paper, fold it in half and and staple it onto the above heart. It goes quick once you get started. In no time, we had a long chain.

 I have hung our paper heart garland in the window of our sunroom.


And now because of the huge storm we got overnight, Today is a Snow Day for my boy's.
Looks like I need to go find us another craft to work on.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. So cute!! I've been wanting to make one of these for awhile. It looks great draped over your window!