Living Room Reveal

I am so excited to share my Living Room Reveal with you all today.
This room never felt much like a living room to me,  but now with some fresh paint, fluffy pillows and pictures on the walls, it has been transformed into a comfortable space my family now likes to gather in.


Here is a picture of the room Before:

Just a whole lot of tan! 
which is not my style, so I painted the walls and ceilings in a color called, Sidewalk by Valspar (see Post Here).

 I then painted the fireplace in a color called, Fisherman's wharf also by Valspar (see post Here).

The sheepskin rug is temporary, I'm on the lookout for a new floor rug.

I brought in a white dresser I had painted years ago, but never had a place for it until now.  It works as a stand for our little t.v.

Above the dresser I have framed some artwork by Freckled Laundry,  she had posted them on her blog HERE last summer as a free printable. I have always just loved them and I think they look amazing all group together.  So thank you Freckled Laundry!

I glued my little metal #3 onto a white bucket.  Then the metal pot with burlap handles and the planted spruce have come from Craft warehouse.  I love the little pop of greenery.

I recently added more driftwood to my driftwood mirror. More on that to come.


Sorry, I've taken lots of pictures and can't decide which ones to post, so I'm basically posting All of them. :)

I have also recently made all of the pillows on the couch, well except for the whale one from HERE. I'll share more on my pillows soon.

The hallway off of the living room also got painted from tan to grey. 
I thought it was the perfect spot to hang our marlin, which is visible from the living room.

Again,  Sorry for the overload of pictures :)
But Thank you so much for stopping by to see our Living Room.

Have a great day!


  1. perfect! congratulations with this victory :) I was watching he progress when you were working on it and it was obvious that result will be good but it is better than I would imagine, for sure. Really wonderful :)
    Hope you will have nice memories there :)

  2. Oh Emily, the room is so beautful!! I just love it! The colors are so soothing and restful and the room also looks very cozy! You have done a wonderful job!

  3. I'm loving the color you chose! I think I might try that one out in our family room, how did you like the coverage using Valspar, I've only used Behr paints in the past?

  4. Everything is so fresh and pretty! Love the way you've dressed the couch. The paint colors are perfect too.

    My house is a sea of taupe/tan. Drives me crazy but we haven't been here long and I'm not ready to tackle painting two stories.

  5. love it! that pop of blue is gorgeous!

  6. Looks great!!! I love the dressers you have added in the space.. wish I could find some about that size to add to my house :)

  7. Your room looks beautiful Emily! The paint colors are perfect, so soothing! I'm looking forward to seeing how you made the sofa pillows...

  8. Great job!, paint is a wonderful thing!

  9. I would rather have an overload of photos than not enough.

    What do I love about your room?

    the white sofa . . . the bit of blue on the fireplace . . . the #3 bucket . . . the whale pillow . . . ALL of it.

    Great job!

  10. This is super, I love the bright airiness and the color above the fireplace is really nice!

  11. Very pretty, makes me want to paint my whole house :)

  12. This is beautiful! I LOVE that blue colour.. I think it compliments your room perfectly. This is a room I would love to sit in. :)
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  13. Could you share where the couch is from? Also, considering painting my kitchen cabinets in Fisherman's Wharf...what's it like in person? Your picture makes it look more green than the color paint it greenish-gray? Thanks! It's a lovely space!

    1. Hi Brook. The couch is from Ikea. Learn more about it here:

      And you are right, the color in person is a tad greener than in my pictures. It's weird that color can show up different in pictures. It's a beautiful color and I think it would look Amazing on kitchen cabinets.....You may have just gave me an idea :) I'd suggest just getting a sample and trying it out first. If you do go ahead and paint all of your cabinets in it, I'd love to see how it turns out.
      Thanks for stopping by :)