Easy $6 Pocket Pillows

 I made these pillows for just 6 dollars a piece and wanted to share them with you today.
As you may remember, I have them in my living room, which I shared not long ago HERE.

I started off with a couple of standard size bed pillows from Wal-mart, which cost only 3 dollars. Normal throw pillow inserts cost a lot more than that, plus I like my throw pillows to be on the bigger side.

I then picked up some lovely fabric from Craft Warehouse.
For these pillows you will need 1/2 yard, which I purchased these for 3 dollars each.  
I also picked up some quilters quarters (seen folded) that I thought I'd also add, but chose not to in the end.

I shared a pocket pillow Tutorial long ago, HERE,
But because these are so easy, I thought I'd just re-share it again.
 The best part about pocket pillows is that there are no zippers, Velcro, buttons or hand sewing involved.
All you need is fabric and a sewing machine.

The first thing you need to do is hem the short sides.
Fold  (and iron if you wish, i did not) 1/2 inch pin and sew.  Make sure to have the right side of the fabric facing down.
Do this to both sides.

 Next find the center of your pillow, mark and pin it.
Now fold one side over ( front facing in ) 2 1/2 inches past your center mark. Pin into place.
Repeat on the other side, again 2 1/2 inches past the center mark.

 Now you are going to sew a 1/2 inch hem down both  long sides of the fabric.

Once it is all sewn, you will need to inside it out. 
It should then look like this:


 And lastly, stuff your pillow into the open slit of your new pillow cover.
(I iron mine before I inserted the pillows)
Mine did not turn out perfect, they kinda even slop a bit in the middle,  but I think they look just great on my couch and my boys even told me that they are super comfy.

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  1. Been thinking I need to replace what I have with new. Was wondering about standard bed pillows, and you just answered that quite nicely. Do much cheaper than pillow forms and a nicer size as well.
    Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration.

  2. I love your choice of fabrics, they coordinate so nicely! Thank you for sharing your tutorial!

  3. I love these!!! They are beautiful! BTW your blog looks amazing too! Love your home & all that you have done! Jen

  4. I have the same couch. :) When I get closer to the end of my family room makeover I will definitely be doing this. Thanks for the tutorial.


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