Chandelier Makeover

Today I wanted to share with you a quick little makeover I did to our dining room chandelier.  
This is how it now looks:

 And this is how it looked before:

The chandelier came with the house when we bought it.  To me it just seemed a little dark and heavy.
I was looking into replacing it, but all of the lights I liked cost quite a bit. 

And then I stumbled across this one in a Pottery Barn Magazine, It reminded me a lot of mine. So I decided to work with the one I have.

So I hit up a lighting store and decided to go with new clear glass shades.  These ones have little bubbles in them, which I liked.  I also picked out some pretty clear light bulbs.  I came home and switched out the old  brown tulip shades for the new glass ones and it made the world of difference.  So much lighter and brighter. I was so happy.

Then I decided to add crystals like the Pottery Barn one. I went to a craft store to find out that crystals are Not cheap, but then I stumbled across this faux crystal hanging tea light candle holder for only 4 dollars.  so  I bought it and brought it home.

 I already had a few real crystals from an old chandelier I've picked up from who knows where.

 So I started taking them both apart and came up with pretty, half real-half faux crystal pendants to hang.

 I just tied them onto the fixture using clear fishing string.

 I'm much happier with the chandelier now,  However, I'm still debating on painting it white or not.  I would just paint it lightly and let some of the black come through to make it look worn. But sometimes a little bit of black in a room is good too. Thoughts? You guys are always so helpful.

And here is the light at night.

And once again here is the Before and After.

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  1. I like your idea of painting it a lighter color with just a touch of black showing through. Great idea with the crystals! You did a great job!

  2. It looks fabulous now! I'd keep it black for a while personally. the rest of the room is pretty pale in coloring so it makes the dark color pop out at you. I love that look.

  3. Great makeover! So much lighter and brighter now just getting rid of those dark shades.

  4. Wow oh wow you are amazing!! Your chandelier looks better than the pottery barn one! Great job!!

  5. where did you get the tea light holder?

  6. You made the right choice by not painting it. I think the reason it looks darker before is that the paint was dimming the light bulbs. In that case, it’s better to leave the glass as it is. Though those crystals were a great addition. Good job!

    Bryan Hubbard @ Douthit Electrical


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