Step Stool Makeover

So last weekend my husband was away on his annual Guys weekend trip in Las Vegas, causing all sorts of trouble I'm sure, and so I got busy on a whole bunch of projects around the house, making my weekend just as much fun I'm sure :)
One of my projects was painting this cute little stool.


 I picked the stool up at the Goodwill years ago.  I'm sure I blogged about it, but we won't go there. My older post are soo bad.  I know I'm not the best writer/photographer/blogger now, but trust me, I have come a long way.

The stool was red before, as well as the cause of many tears.  I think everyone in the family has fallen off of it a few times.  Not the most stable of stools.  I'm pretty sure my husband  has asked me to get rid of it once or twice, but I've always thought it was so cute.

 So after giving it a coat of fresh pretty blue paint, I decided the best solution was to place it on top of my butcher block table in the dining room. It now works as a shelf, giving a little bit of height to my display, and nobody gets hurt.

 I think it looks great next to my newly painted walls.

Can't wait to share what other projects I've been up to.
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  1. It looks so cute on your table! Nice idea! Kari

  2. I love the bench and your photos are great as well as your decor. Just love it!

  3. Adorable! No way would I have gotten rid of that gem! It looks great in blue....