My Color pick for our Dining and Living Room

Thank you all who responded to my last post (Here) about choosing a paint color for our dining room.
Your comments and suggestions were all so very helpful in my decision making.
Again, here are the two colors I was choosing from:


I liked them both a lot so my decision was a tough one.
And it looks like all of your votes were pretty close as well.
But the color that got the most votes, and my top choice was.....

I thought it also went well with the Kitchen color (BM Horizon Gray).

 Because my dining and living room are basically one big open space, I painted the living room as well.
Here is the wall color before:

And After:
 Don't mind the mess, I'm painting :)

Today I will be painting the ceiling.  I'm painting it Sidewalk as well.
And then I'm excited to get the room back together and start decorating... The fun part!

OK, but one more questions of advice for you all.  I'm thinking of painting our fireplace, something like this:
Yes? No?  Maybe so?

Dark fireplace column with white mantel
Found on Pinterest HERE

Thanks again all of you for your help.


  1. Yay for sidewalk! And as for the fireplace, I love the contrast of light and dark in your inspiration photo. It draws you right in!

  2. Love the colors!! I like Sidewalk a lot! The fireplace idea could be cool, I say go for it! If you don't like it you can always change it in the future!

  3. I like the idea for the fireplace, but maybe not so dark of a color that might be a little too harsh. I love that you are bringing the sidewalk color into that room as well.

  4. I love the sidewalk color! As for the fireplace...dark colors make me nervous. I say maybe a lighter gray not so dark, but still a little contrast.

  5. Yay! My choice! Before reading, I thought the fireplace was already there! I go, "WoW! What a pop! And it's perfect with the Sidewalk color you chose!" GREAT!

  6. I love it... and as for the fireplace, I say go for it. It will look amazing!

  7. I love the color and glad that you carried it through to the living room....I love the fireplace inspiration too!!

  8. I love everything you are doing...go for it, it's only paint and can be redone, I think it's going to look great though! I love the sidewalk color!

  9. Your paint colors are so, so pretty! As for the fireplace I say Yes, Yes, Yes.

  10. I say Go For It!! It's Beautiful. As is the rest of your house as well.