Choosing a Paint color for the Dining Room

I have the hardest time choosing a paint color.
I usually know the direction I'm headed in, but then get lost in a pile of paint samples.
My dining room is a dark tan color, and I knew I wanted to go lighter, so I went to Lowe's and picked out a few sample paints.  See below.


The far Left is BM Cloud 9 ( Lowe's usually does not get a true match on Benjamin Moore colors in the sample size,  they can match well in a larger size,  but I have found the samples to be off)
The middle color is called, Bamboo by Olympic and the far Right is called, Sidewalk by Valspar.
At first, I was drawn to the "Bamboo" color and painted one of the walls in it.

Here it is on the left side,  the original tan color on the right.

I like how much lighter it is.  I also like how it flows nicely with the kitchen color, which is BM Horizon Gray.

I then thought I'd try out the "Sidewalk" sample on the full wall.

Which I also like a lot.
 So now I'm torn between the two colors.
Sidewalk or Bamboo. . . .  Which is your favorite?
Below are the two colors together,  and actually they look good together,  but I can't have them both.

I'm headed to Lowe's tomorrow to pick up the paint.  I think I know which one I like best,  but your opinions may change things.

Thanks for your help,


  1. Bamboo...sidewalk looks too dull and none of your white furnishings or woodwork seem to stand out or "pop" with it...

  2. When I first saw the samples I thought I'd be keen on Sidewalk, but then seeing them on the walls I'd definitely go with the Bamboo, but that's just my opinion, and I'll look forward to reading about what you choose.

    Judi in the UK

  3. I like them both, but I actually like the sidewalk better, I think the woodwork pops more with it. The ceiling looks to be a tan or cream, at least in the pics it does, so that would be like having the 2 together.

  4. Eek, do you really want to know the truth? I think the Bamboo looks yellow, which I don't think is the look you're going for. I prefer Sidewalk. I think something slightly darker to contrast with the moulding would be nice though I have been so helpful...not. Sorry!

  5. Sidewalk! The shot of sidewalk with the kitchen in the background totally sold me!

  6. I like the Sidewalk, plus I like the idea of keeping it all in the "gray" family, but I won't hate you if you choose the Bamboo. They both look like safe, neutral colors that are easy to work with. So that's my opinion. I wish I could see it in person.

  7. I really like the just looks better than the Bamboo, bamboo has a yelloish look to it.

  8. I definitely prefer the Bamboo! It blends beautifully. I find the other one looks dirty (sorry) and does not flow. Look at the background of your blog - yep - stick with the bamboo!

  9. Is Sidewalk the light gray? I like the light gray one! Yes, I looked again. I like them both, but Sidewalk is my personal favorite.


  10. Hmm a tough one,,,but I think looking at them over and over,,,I am going with Sidewalk. I like how the floors pop with that color. We have gone with Grey Owl throughout our house and I love it! Love love love all your mouldings! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  11. Bamboo looks fantastic! It really goes well with your decor and brings out more of the warmer tones in your decor/furniture, where as the Sidewalk color makes everything look very stark. Hope this helps!

  12. Hi Emily, I am in the same dilemma...want to brighten up my dining room and make some changes. So this post caught my eye....I am loving he grey-ish tones...I follow you now. Christine from Little Brags


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