Apothecary Coffee Table Makeover

My Sister, Natee sent me a text picture of this beautiful apothecary coffee table that she got from KSL Classifieds. She was asking me my opinion on whether to paint it or re-finish it.  Of course I said to paint it. :)

 Isn't it such a neat piece?  It has 12 functioning apothecary drawers on one side and then opens up at the top for storage behind the drawers.  It also has a matching side table that was in much better condition, so she left it stained and put it in another room.

Also, look at how cute her living room is.  I love her Beach House vibe she has going on.

So I swear within just a few days after her first text picture, she sent me another one with her coffee table all painted. She's a busy girl.
It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but it's actually painted in a soft green called, Celery Sticks by Glidden. Then she heavily distressed it so that the dark brown came through.
 I'm so in love with this coffee table.

 She has also sent me pictures of her dining room, which is so adorable.  And she has agreed to let me share them with you as well.  So I will post them sometime soon.  That sister of mine, she is always busy working on something cute, and I love sharing her projects and home with you all. 

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Have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh my goodness! Absolutely love, love, love this room! At first, I thought as much as I like painted furniture, no paint. But the transformation is wondeeeerrrrful! Love it!

  2. Love it! What's the centerpiece decor? Where do you find something so fun like it? :)

  3. Aww, you say such nice things about my crap, Em. Love you!
    The center piece is just a basket I picked up from Hob Lob filled with white potted plants from Ikea. There used to be real plants in there, but I killed them.