Organizing Gift Wrap

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas.
We had the best one.  It was so good to visit with family and then spend Christmas day at home. It really was a special day.
So yesterday I was busy putting our gift wrap closet back together.

 As you can see from this picture below,  Santa had no problem finding our home.
We just made a big pile of all the wrappings behind the couch. Does this look familiar to yours?

And here is a picture of me.  I just wanted to show off my cute new clothes Santa brought me :)


So after all the presents were opened, I quickly sorted through the mountain of gift wrap and pulled out all of the boxes, bags, and bows.  
I like to reuse what I can, and toss out all the rest.

Then I dragged it all into our office. 
Which I tackled today.

I first gathered up all of the good rolls of wrapping paper. If there wasn't much paper left on the rolls, I just tossed them.
 I also tossed out all of the bags, bows, tissue paper, etc.. that were looking a bit used up. 

A little trick of mine is to cut up an empty wrapping paper roll, slice it down the middle, and then use it to clamp the wrapping paper together.

 It works great at keeping your paper from unrolling.

 I place all of the gift boxes and gift bags together in a large box.

 I then hung my tissue paper, tags, small gift boxes and bows from brown bags on hangers in the closet.

 I tied tags onto each bag so I can easily identify what is in each one.

I have one for Tissue Paper, Ribbons and bows, Small gift boxes and one for tags.

 And now I have a nicely organized gift wrapping closet.

 So how do you all organize your gift wrapping items?
Any tips you would like to share?

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  1. Looks great. Thanks for the inspiration and for the tip on corralling the paper rolls!

  2. Wow why didn't you recycle the things you didn't want instead of throwing them away ! I do like your organizing the rest !

  3. Love these ideas! I wish I had a closet devoted to wrapping paper like you do. I do have a chest of drawers for all of mine, but I like your closet better. I love organization tips like this.

  4. Great ideas! Thanks so much.


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  6. what amazing gifts these would make!! Thanks so much to create recommendations to, you're so creative! I'll be trying this out at some aspect :-)


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