How to make a cute felt tree skirt

Happy December!
Are you all busy getting your homes decorated for Christmas?
We've been having lots of fun decorating our home, I can't wait to share it all with you, and I'm just as excited to see all of your homes.

So my Mother in law saw this idea for a tree skirt and shared it with me.
I loved it and had to make me one. It looks so adorable under my tree this year.
It was really simple to make so I wanted to share a how-to with you today.


The Supplies you will need are:
-A felt tree skirt ( I can't remember where I found mine,  but one can be made very simply with a piece of felt.  I found this video HERE that will show you how to make one.
- About 3 yards of Yarn (I found one that was very thick and plush)
- 36 White Pom Poms
- A small piece of white felt, used for cutting out leafs
- Tacky Glue

 Step 1: Lay out your tree skirt. I just did mine on the floor.
Step 2: Cut out 27 leaf shapes out of your small piece of felt.

Step 3: Lay out your design using the yarn, felt leaves, and pom poms.

I used the tree skirt edge design as a pattern, at each point I made a loop with the yarn, alternating the direction of the loops.

 I created little holly's next to the yarn loops.  I used 3 pom poms and 2 leaves on the above loops, and 1 pom pom and 1 leaf at the bottom loops. Just play around with it until you're happy with the design.

 The last step: Glue it all down. The tacky glue worked perfect for this.

I love how it looks sitting under my tree.
 And here is a quick peek at my Christmas tree this year. . . more pictures to come!

 So if you don't have a skirt for your tree yet, this is a super simple one, it's easy and didn't cost a lot to make. You could also play around with the colors, white on red would be cute, or red berries and green leaves would look very festive as well.

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  1. I need another tree skirt and your is adorable! Thanks for the tutorial.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Hi Emily...I just love this! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. loooove your pretty deco!!! angie

  5. I love that tree skirt! We've had our tree in a galvanized bucket for the last several years but I'm tucking this idea away for when the day comes that I'm ready for a skirt again. Beautiful!