Hex Bug Party

My oldest son, Liam has turned 8 years old!
I still can hardly believe it, time has just flown by so darn fast. So after much thought, Liam decided he wanted a Hex Bug Party!

When I googled  pinterest Hex bug parties, there wasn't much out there, so I had to get my party thinking hat on to come up with some fun ideas. I stuck with an orange and white color scheme.
I made the happy b-day banner by tracing a Hex Bug hexagon track piece onto white paper and then cut them out. I wrote the letters with an orange marker, and then I taped the cutouts onto a piece of white string and hung it up.

 From the dollar store, I picked up a bunch of silly string spray.  I then printed out "Bug Spray" labels and attached them to each one.

 I also grabbed a bunch of glow sticks to hand out as favors.  My boys love these things, so I figured their friends would as well.  I  made thank you tags and tied them to each one.


Now for the cake!
I ordered an orange cake from our bakery, but had them do the writing only on one side, this way I had room to add a Hex Bug Hexagon track piece to it.  Then we added a Hex Bug to run around crazy on it.  It turned out super fun!

 I thought it would be fun to put some mazes by each place setting.  I just googled 'printable mazes'  and found one that I thought looked age appropriate and  printed it out. It kept the kids busy for a minute .... maybe I should have found a more advanced one.


It was a Pizza party, so we ate pizza and then played a few games.
This kid loves Pizza! 

(You may have noticed, I have a bunch of samples painted on the wall,  I'm still deciding on a color, which do you like?)
 Liam got two new Hex Bug V2 tracks for his Birthday. They are super fun, the Hex bugs can actually climb up and down the tubes.  So we had it sitting on the coffee table for all of the kids to play with.

We also set up a Hex bug race track in Liam's room using some of his other hex bug tracks.
  Each kid got to pick out a hex bug and then they had fun racing them to the finish line.

But I think the kids had the most fun spraying their "Bug Spray."  I had them go outside for this.  It was such a hoot, there was silly string everywhere!

 It was a really fun party and Liam had a good time.

 So if any of you found me by Googling / Pinteresting Hex bug parties, I hope you found this helpful.
Thanks for stopping by,


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  1. I like the paint closest to the door best. I've never heard of hex bugs but my grandkids saw your post and knew what it was and told me all about it.

  2. my daughter wants a hexbug party next week, she is obsessed with them, where did you find the plates?

  3. I'm having a HexBug birthday themed party for my 6 year old next month, and I did find your post to be helpful. You did an excellent job!!! @MommieAgain (KIM)

  4. Truly an awesome birthday party and hope you had an excellent time there. Last month, arranged a similar birthday party for my son at one of amazing venues in Houston. Ordered a birthday cake too and few surprise gifts. He was really happy and glad that I could make it special this time.


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