A Thanksgiving Vingette

I seriously cannot believe it is November already.  Fall is just flying by.
So in my Dining room / Living room I have this wall that I have decorated with Thanksgiving in mind.

I recently bought the leather ottoman at a yard sale up the street for 5 dollars.  It matches our floors perfectly so I think it fits in real nicely, it's also in a great spot for putting on shoes.

I filled a wire basket up with colorful Indian corn. 
Indian corn is a perfect touch for Thanksgiving decorating.

 And below it I have a sugar leaf garland hanging.


I made the garland and plan to show you how in my next post, so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I love your fall decorating and what a deal on the ottoman!

  2. I love your little autumn corner! and that ottoman looks great there! Like the little banner of leaves, the white frames,and just how it all fits together perfectly!

  3. Love it all! I totally bought that exact basket!! It ended up being too big for the space I needed it for and I took it back. How funny would it be if it were the exact same one!? ;)

  4. What a great looking spot. Love the idea of the ottoman for putting on shoes. And that shelf...it makes my hurt flutter!

  5. HEART! ha ha. That makes a little more sense.

  6. What a beautiful space, Emily! This makes me want to get my rear in gear and get my place decorated for Fall!