Mummy Juice Boxes

4 more days until Halloween!
Are you all ready and as excited as I am?
My boy's are what make Halloween so much fun for me, they really get  into it all.

 So for my oldest sons 2nd grade Halloween party I signed up to bring the drinks.
I saw this idea on Pinterest and wanted to re-create it.
The reason why I'm re-sharing it is because it was basically just a picture and didn't have any instructions, so I thought I'd share with you how I made them.

I bought white duct take at Lowe's.  You could also use white electrical tape, which may have worked better, but I was unable to find any.  The wiggly eyes came from Hobby Lobby, and of course the juice boxes just came from the grocery store, however my juice boxes were green and a little difficult to cover up, so keep that in mind when choosing yours.

Step 1. Remove the straw from the juice box.  ( you will be taping it back on in the end).
Step 2. Cover the entire juice box with the white duct tape, leaving an opening for the straw.
Step 3. Tear strands of duct tape in half down the middle, then use the strands to diagonally wrap around the juice box.
Step 4. Hot glue the wiggly eyes on.
Step 5. Tear strands of duct tape into smaller strands, and place them above and below the eyes, and one or two more zig zaging down the front to create a layered effect. You will  also need a smaller strand to tape the straw back onto the back of the juice box.

They were fun to make and I'm sure the kids will enjoy them.

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  1. How fun! I bet the kids loved them, I might have to slip these in my girls lunches on Thursday :)

  2. So cute and creative! Happy Halloween :)