Fall in my Backyard

I have decided that my favorite thing about Fall are the beautiful, colorful, trees.
I've really enjoyed driving around, running errands just so I can look at all of the pretty trees.
Aren't they just stunning? And when the sunlight hits them it's simply magical!

Since this is our first Fall in our new home it's been fun seeing what trees turn what colors.
The previous owner was a tree guy, and he planted several different ones.
Our back yard is so alive and colorful. 

 I've placed my wicker furniture under a big yellow tree and have found it to be a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the afternoon.



Abby loves the leaves too, she runs around crazy in them.

On the side of the home we have lots of  colorful bushes too.

Once I was finished snapping these pictures, Jax and I cuddled on the wicker, eating apples and laughing while leaves kept falling down on us.
The perfect way to spend a Fall afternoon.

Next up, Raking!  

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