Cow Skull Fall Mantel

Happy Monday!
Did you all have a good weekend?
 The weather was so nice here, the kids and I put out some spooky decorations on the front porch, and we carved out our pumpkins.  Jake and I watched a scary horror movie.  We're all getting excited for Halloween around here.
I'll share more next time.
But first I wanted to share my Fall Mantel with you.
I have been wanting some horns for my mantel for quite a while now. And well since I'm not a hunter, nor am I married to one, I had to go searching for some.
I was hoping to find some big deer antlers, but had no luck, however I did find me a cow skull at a local antique store. I'm pretty excited about it and have placed it on my mantel.

I love the rope that is tied around the horns.
 So here is how my Living Room looks all decorated for Fall.


So for my Mantel I started by hanging my new Cow Skull up high.
That way I still had room to lean up my old window, a picture frame and some candles in bottles.

 There is a wire hanging from the picture frame, so using clothes pins I hung a branch of fall leaves and some old sepia colored pictures from it.



I came up with the idea of placing candles in beer bottles one day, and thought it would be awesome for Fall.


 In case you want to make them too, this is how;  First drink a bunch of beer :) (I love to drink hard apple cider this time of year). Next clean your bottles and remove the labels. To get the drips of wax on the bottles,  I actually lit a candle and tilted it over the bottle and let the drips fall on the bottle. Then when I was finished, I placed the candles into the bottles.  Candles are usually made to not drip so much, so you need to play around with it a bit. 
Who doesn't love to play with candles and wax, Right? I had fun making them.

I brought in some orange pumpkins, and layered my couch with my orange pillows. I think all in all it looks very Fallish.

 Hope you all have a Wonderful Week!
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  1. What a find. The cow skull looks amazing above your mantel with your other fall like goodies. The whole display is cheerful, festive and oh, so fallish. Love it.

  2. I'm trying to remember why I got rid of my cow skull before we left MT. We moved to KY and they weren't too much for western decor. I had some awesome red Indian patterned rugs, lots of red and saddle blankets. Don't know why I cared so much what people thought about my western decor, duh.
    I also love how the horns have rope at the base, great look. Your whole mantel is great, everything you did looks great without looking cluttered. Love that little carrier on your coffee table, always looking for new ideas to make some. Great post. Happy weekend