Our Home Office Reveal

I know I have been talking a lot about my  
Home Office Makeover lately, and even sharing a few bits and pieces of some of the items in the room.  Well today's the day that I'm going to finally share the whole room with you. Just get ready, I took lots of pictures.

Our home office is my very favorite room in our home because of all of the old windows. They let in tons of sunlight.  I sometimes even refer to this room as "the Sunroom."

 I also love that it has old french doors that lead you into the room.

 I made all of the curtain panels using Wal-marts 5 dollar twin size sheets.  You can learn how I made them HERE
I guess I should also add that I painted the room in a Valspar color named, Maine Shore.  To see the previous color click HERE.


As you can see, in the room we have a twin size bed acting as a day bed.  This has been so nice to have in the room. It's a great spot to curl up and read a magazine, take a nap, and it's been great for guest as well.

Next to the day bed is an old wooden desk with a white chair.
I recently shared a little makeover of the chair, see that post HERE.

This is where I blog from.

 I use dual computer screens and Love it!
Not only does it allow me to look at two different screens at once,  I can also drag pages from screen to screen.  Seriously, once you have tried dual screens, there is no going back.

As you can see above my desk I have created a photo gallery.
You may remember this post HERE, where I share more about it in our last house. But basically my husband has come up with the idea of collage framing all of our special vacation trip pictures.
We love having them hanging above the desk,  It's just a great reminder of the fun times we have shared.
 Some of the frames use to be different colors, but I have sprayed them all white to have a more cohesive look.  With the frames now all white, it really makes the pictures stand out more.

On the desk is my newly made over lamp.  You can see what it looked like before in this post HERE.
Next to the desk I have an old metal wastebasket the holds maps and yardsticks. 

On the back wall of the office I have my white bookcases. I recently blogged about adding maps to the backs of them. You can read that post HERE
I had a lot of fun styling them and giving them a kind of beachy look.

Next to the bookcases is a closet that holds office and craft supplies. And next to it is an area for the kids to do their homework.

I  recently blogged about this children's desk that I made over. See that post HERE.
The desk was left in our garage by the previous owners.
I found the perfect size chair to go with it at a local antique store.

I hung a bulletin board above the children's desk, which I also painted white.
Hanging on the bulletin board are some small calendars that were given to me by a friend.
I love the animal pictures on them.

On the desk I have a mason jar painted white,
 (I know, I know, I have a white paint addiction.)
It works perfect as a pencil holder.

On the wall next to the children's desk I have an old wooden boat buoy hanging from a coat hook.
The boat buoy is from another antique store in town........ Yes, we have a lot of antique stores here, and I've been having way too much fun shopping them all.

Another great find in the room are these grain sack pillows.
I found the grain sacks at an estate sale for just 1 dollar a piece and then I sewed them into pillows.

I have them on the daybed mixed with a bunch of random white pillows and my cute Ikea blue toile pillow given to me by my sister.

At first I had a bunch of mix-matched colorful pillows, and a printed blanket on the day bed, and even though I loved how it looked it the room, I wasn't too happy with the way it looked in the pictures I took.
I know I'm funny and fear away from color, but I do love that I can switch up the bed to change up the whole look of the room.

So what look is your favorite,  Soft and white, or bright and colorful?

And here are just a few last pictures I took. I love that it shows how sunny the room gets.

Thanks for stopping by our Home Office.
Have a Wonderful day,


  1. That is a great room and you are lucky to have it for an office. The light and windows are gorgeous. I really like the photo collages and the comfy daybed too. I like the white look but it is nice to be able to switch out whenever you feel like it. I know some guests at our home would feel better with the colourful look. Have a great week.

  2. Oh it turned out fantastic!! I want a room just like it at my house. I love those windows amd the mouldings around them are beautiful. I might have to copy your photo wall. We have so many pictures we want to hang and just didn't know how to hang them. Your idea is perfect. Great job on the room.

  3. Emily, that is just gorgeous! I kind of like the more neutral look, but they're both fun. I LOVE the old buoys and the maps you put behind your shelves.
    I LOVE this room!

  4. Looks like the most perfect space for a office. I wasn't to curl up in the sun on that day bed! Love the white for the bed - but the colour also looks great. I guess it depends on your mood!

  5. What a great room! I love the colors and pillows on the day bed. Great idea to turn your books so the colors in your bookcase display are similar. I have window envy! Love love love windows and yours are perfect! We are a work in progress in our new home as well. Hope you will stop by for a visit soon. Enjoy your space!

  6. Oh Emily! What a lovely, lovely room. I love all the extra personal touches like the framed vacation photos, the map backing on the shelves. The desk look pretty too. I had to laugh about the double computer screens though. Hubby is a computer guy and he has three which I always tease him about. LOL

  7. I just wanted to know where you purchased your collage frames?

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  9. You absolutely know how to make your home office cozy and appealing. If you don’t have the computer there, I won’t really consider this room as a home office because it doesn’t look like one. It’s more like a sunroom, indeed! Hahaha. The open windows and sheer curtains give the room a soft and relaxing atmosphere.
    Nida Eisner @ All County Exteriors