A Lamp & Desk Makeover

So today I wanted to share a couple more changes in our home office.
I have made over this lamp and desk.

Here is what the lamp looked like before:

 Using a sponge brush I lightly painted it, leaving some of the black peeking through to give it a worn look.
I love this color,  although I have no clue what it is called. I found it at re-store, and the label was missing.

 I bought the wicker lampshade at Ikea a while back.  I think it is a perfect match, and it fits so well in the room.

 The children's desk was actually left in our garage by the previous owners.

It's a great little desk,  but it was needing some cleaning up.
I first spay painted the metal part silver,  as you can see from the above picture it use to be a bad purpley color. I sprayed it lightly so that a little bit of the old color came through, just to keep it looking old. 

 The top of the desk had a lot of marker and crayon writing on it,  So I sanded it all down and then stained it with this color here called, English Oak.

 The color matches the floors in our office.

Ok, I think that is it for all of my little makeovers.  I will be sharing the full room reveal next time.
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  1. Your desk and lamp look so pretty now, you've done a lovely job!