Newly painted Bench & Shelf

Every once in a while I like to share bits and pieces of my sisters house with you all.
She has an adorable home, and just like me (or possibly even more) she changes it up often.
She recently re-painted her living room walls, from celery green to beachy blue.


She also had my little brother and sister-in-law paint her bench and shelf white.
Both pieces use to be black.

The white totally changed the look of them.  Great choice!
So my Brother and Sister-in-law actually just started their own furniture painting business, Modern Refinement.
They are located in Utah.  You can check out their facebook page HERE.

And just for fun, I thought I'd show a little re-cap of what I have shared of my sisters home.
Click on photos to see more.

Thanks Natee for letting me share your cute bench and shelf makeover.  We always love to see what fun things you are up to.

And Thank you all for stopping by,


  1. Love the little re do on the shelf and bench! It complements the wall color so much better. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. They look great in white and suits the beachy look so much more!

  3. She certainly has an adorable home! That’s an excellent choice of wall paint. The new color looks refreshing, and it’s great to see that she didn’t stray from the light colors. It seems she changes the color of her home so often -- has she made another painting renovation since this? Thanks for sharing!

    Jeannette Greer @ JTC, Inc

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