Peonies and a Basket full of towels

Happy June!
I love the month of June; School is out for the kids,  It's the perfect time of weather, the flowers are all blooming.
It's a great month!
So last week I stopped by to visit an old neighbor of mine . . .  and when I say old neighbor, I mean from my old neighborhood,  Not that my neighbor is old,  just to clarify :)

Anyway, like this time every year I walked away from her home with a big bouquet of peonies in my hands.
I'm pretty good at hinting how much I love her peonies, and how great they would look in my kitchen.
Aren't they gorgeous!

And they smell just heavenly.
I did,  I brought them into my kitchen so I could smell them as I do the dishes.
I also want to share this basket I picked up at Home goods a while back.  I actually got two of them thinking they would look great hanging on the wall,  I'm still thinking about it.
So in the mean time I have one of them on my counter top full of dishtowels. 

I think it is such a cool basket with a wicker-like trim.

So I do actually have my own peony plant in my yard,  I was sooooo super excited when I saw it coming up this spring,  but I only got one bloom.  It's a new plant and I can't wait for it to grow bigger.  In the mean time I'll just have to remember to make a special visit to my old neighbor 
( from my old neighborhood) every June.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Aw, they are so beautiful! The house we lived in last year had a peony plant and I was so happy when I saw it. I'm pretty sure they won't grow where I live now so I really enjoy getting to see them on my friends blogs. :)

  2. Emily...I ADORE them....I finally planted peonies this only has two bulbs and one has already bloomed...I can't find the courage to cut them...buuutttt...I did see some at the grocery store today and will totally buy a bunch tomorrow.xo

  3. Just gorgeous Emily...beautiful photos!

  4. I love peonies too. I have 2 bushes I planted last year and had 3 blooms. I checked yesterday and I'll have 7 this year. Not a bad increase, eh?? Love your new baskets. Rustic, pretty and functional!

  5. I have one, new peony plant, too. No blooms this year. Those on your counter are gorgeous, gorgeous!!

  6. Absolutely beautiful close up shots of those gorgeous blooms! So pretty! Love the basket too!