Fathers Day Camping Trip + Fun Camping Activities

 Over the weekend we went camping to celebrate this guy. . .

My Wonderful husband Jake, who also happens to be the best Dad ever!

 We found us a good little camping spot right next to a river.  My boy's had fun "pretending" to fish.  They literally spent hours casting out and reeling back in.


Yes,  I took a picture of the campground's outhouses, But come on,  How cute are those doors!

The campground also had an area of birdhouses.  I thought they were so cute, all perched high up on post next to a white picket fence with wild daisies growing amongst them.


 My boy's picked me plenty of those sweet little daisies,  so I decided to make a head wreath out of them.

It was fun to make,  I just braided, twisted and tied up some strands of tall green grass, and then tucked the daisies in. 
I'm a flower child at heart.

Some other fun Activities we did were making rock art,

As well as painting rocks.

We also went for nature walks, played badminton, and board games. 
 I Love Camping, and want to make it a Fathers Day tradition. 

What fun camping activities to you all enjoy?

Here is just a fun picture I took of my boys. 
We printed it out and made a cute Fathers Day card with it.

Hope all of you Fathers had a Great Day, including my own, whom which I love dearly.
And Thank you Jake for being the best father a girl could ever wish her children to have. 
 Love you!

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