Pottery Barn Summer Catalog 2013

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope that you are all out enjoying the day today.
We have plans to go have a picnic at a near by lake.
The weather is going to be perfect, So I'm excited for that.

So as you all know,  I'm a Huge fan of Pottery Barn's Summer Catalog.
And every year I like to share my favorite images from their catalog with you.

 I think the reason why I love the Summer catalog the very best is because it is chalk full of Wicker, Americana and Coastal.


I don't actually have the catalogs in my hands yet.  I like to make a special trip to my local Pottery Barn store to pick them up.....  And to have a good look around.

All of these images have come from their online catalogs.  Did you know you could look through them page by page online? To see for yourself click HERE

 Here are my favorites from the Bed and Bath Catalog:

 My favorites from the Kids Catalog, boy's rooms of course.

And my favorites from the Outdoor Spaces catalog.  I have to admit though, this catalog makes me feel a little depressed that I don't live on a lake, by the ocean or have a nice big pool in my back yard.

There are many more great images from where these have come from,  I just wanted to share my top picks.

Hope you All have a Wonderful Day.


  1. I fall for anything red, white and blue every time! I would have picked out some of the very same photos!

  2. It is all so inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How does PB do it? I always love everything in their catalogues. It's funny you commented about not living by any water ~ hubby and I were sitting in the garden yesterday and I said now all we needed was a lake or big pond. I pointed to the perfect spot for it, too!!


  4. There is always so much inspiration in PB catalogues. I access them online because they don't mail catalogues to Canada. Love the outdoor inspiration and I'm especially loving the ruffled shower curtain. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great inspiration isn't it?!! I host a night before the fourth party every year and I am so copy catting some ideas!

  6. You inspired me to go through the PB catalogs myself and save some images. I am now working on my own blog post about the same thing (and I linked back to you for giving me the idea). Thanks for helping to rekindle my interest in making plans for furnishings in our new little house that we are building.