New Kitchen Lighting

Hi, I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.
So here are my new lights in my Kitchen:

 The lights hanging before were these champagne colored tulip shades.  They were pretty,  just not my style.

 I knew all I needed to do was switch out the glass shades, since I didn't mind the hanger part as much. 

I found nothing when I went to Lowes.  So next I tried Re-Store, where I found these little white shades.
The only problem was that they were too short,  the light bulbs were showing. Not good.

So then I tried out this Wicker lampshade I got at Ikea a while back, and I loved it!

 But the problem here was that I had only one Ikea lampshade, and I got it when it was on clearance.  Seriously it was like 5 bucks Why oh Why did I not pick up 2? Aaauugh!

So from here I was pretty attached to the idea of having Wicker lampshades.  I told my Lovely mother in law to keep her eyes out for some while she was out and about........  And she found these!!

She got them at Home Goods for I think 6 bucks each.  They are actually food covers and have a net lining.  She carefully cut off the top loop and then using a knife cut out a small hole on the top of each one.
We then screwed them on using the already existing plastic bolt, and now I have two awesome new light shades.  I think they are perfect for my kitchen. They give something extra to the room.

Today I look like 100 pictures of my kitchen.  I plan on sharing more of them with you next time, but here is a little sneak peek.

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  1. Amazing - and for $12 too. I love how it picks up the browns from around the stove area and brings them to the peninsula end of the kitchen. I could see a wicker basket on the counter or a flat-backed wicker basket on the wall to tie in with the two areas of brown. Your kitchen is looking so pretty - you must love it!

  2. Love, love, love! The wicker shades look amazing! Your kitchen looks soooooo beatiful!! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Love those new shades! We have completed a kitchen Reno and I have new lights to go over the is backordered until june though!

  4. They are perfect! How pretty! So industrious too!

  5. Love it Emily! Going to share on FB!! Your kitchen looks stunning, I bet you are loving it:). Enjoy your week, jen

  6. Oh my gosh!! I love it!!! I wish I had a house to decorate....haha Good thing I have a dorm room I can do nothing too :)

  7. Nice! Your new lights definitely complement the color scheme and tone of your kitchen. Never mind forgetting to buy two lampshades, it still looks great. It somehow sets the mood into focusing on cooking or eating in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing, Emily! :)

    Vicente E. Cranmer @ Theta Electric


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