Choosing a paint color for my Kitchen

Choosing a paint color for my Kitchen has been quite an ordeal.
As you may remember, my kitchen walls use to be a dark brown color.  I knew by painting them a lighter color it would brighten up the room a ton. 


The ceiling in the kitchen use to be a "Cake Batter" color, as my husband called it.  So I first painted it in the same white I used  on my cabinets (see my painted cabinets post HERE) I should also mention that I primed the brown walls before painting them.

 Since moving into the our new home,  I have been caring this paint chip around.
I loved it.  It was called Maine Shore by Valspar, found at Lowes.

 It seemed to be the perfect light blue-green color.  I wanted it for my kitchen walls.

 However,  once I got it on the walls,  I didn't love it so much anymore.

 It looked way more "minty" then I had imagined it looking.  It wasn't bad,  I actually really liked it on the wall of my pantry door.
But it just wasn't the right color for the rest of the room.  I think because it was more of a beachy-cottage color and my kitchen, with the dark wood stove mounting and dark tile is more of a farmhouse style.  So the color just didn't seem to flow.

So next I decided to go with a grey.

I chose 3 colors that I liked from my Pottery Barn/ Benjamin Moore color book.
  ( I have to note that we do not have a Benjamin Moore close by,  so I had Lowes mix the paint and I don't think any of them were a "perfect" match )

Out of the 3 samples,  I liked the BM Moonshine the best.
So using the rest of my sample, I painted the main kitchen walls with it.

It again looked good,  but still not the right color.  I really wanted a light color in the kitchen, but I also have to work with the dark tile back splash, I wanted to blend it into the walls, whereas the lighter color was making it stand out.

So back to Lowes I went for 3 more samples.

These were the 3 new colors I  picked out. 

 All 3 of them blended with the tile and wood stove mounting so much better.

Out of those colors I liked, BM Horizon Gray the best, although I have to apologize,  my camera was set on a sunlight setting and so it threw the color off a bit.
As you can see here below the top picture is on the sunlight setting and the bottom was on normal light setting.  This shows you how the color can change a bit depending on the light.

 Yeah!  I finally found the Perfect color for my Kitchen, 
Benjamin Moore - Horizon Gray.

I've also changed out the light fixtures so stay tuned for that,  then next up will be my New Kitchen Reveal.

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  1. Te color looks gorgeous! So pretty against the pure white, but also great with the darker colors in the kitchen! I think you made the right choice!

  2. Love the color you selected. We just went through a similar ordeal with selecting a paint for our guest rooms. At one point I had 6 different samples on the walls. It feels so good to make the final selection! Enjoy your kitchen!!

  3. it's always tricky chosing the right paint colour, so many factors to consider. thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations...good luck.
    Bec x

  4. Thanks for walking us through the trials and tribulations of choosing a paint colour. You look like you got a great one.

  5. Grey colors..who knew they would be so hard to work with! We are just about finished a huge reno in the house we have moved into and I went with Grey Owl. I am loving it and think it was the right choice for me. Stay tuned for before and after pictures glad to be on the other side of the reno !!

  6. I am so glad to read about someone not getting it "right" the first time! Yours is the real story of choosing a paint color, that's for sure. My upper hallway has returned to white after trying a half dozen colors ending with a green that looked like pea soup.

  7. I'm picking a grey right now because I want to use it for my whole main floor this summer. Thanks for the insight on all the grey choices!!

  8. Holy Moly Moly Em! That was a lot of work! I'd like to hear Jake's commentary during the ever-changing paint jobs. Danny is color blind so he wouldn't have even noticed the difference between any of them. I like the end results and I'm happy you were able to find just the right color for your kitchen. However, and don't hate me for saying this, I really, really liked the first color (Maine Shore) too. Of course, my judgement is based solely off your pictures and I tend to lean toward the soft, beach house color scheme. In any case, your kitchen looks beautiful.

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  10. That was a pretty long process of trial and error in choosing the right color for your kitchen. Well, it’s really hard to choose the right color, particularly if you’ll have to match it with the different colors that are already there. I’m glad you found it. I also liked the color that you chose! It absolutely matches pretty nicely with the other furniture you have in your kitchen. Well done, Emily! ->-Reed Suder

  11. Your kitchen looks marvelous. It is worth of 40 hours of work for sure. I am going to give a new look to my kitchen next week. Usually House Painting seems to me as a mammoth task but you make it so easily. Good work!

  12. Choosing a new color for the walls is easy until you discover that it doesn't match with the room. It's great that you finally found the right color after two failed tries. And even though you only gave us a sneak peek, it's evident that it really blended well with your kitchen. Congratulations!
    Pro Master

  13. Awesome ideas! I love them and its perfect for my condo in Makati. Thank you very much for sharing these wonderful and creative ideas.


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