Backyard Barbecue

I have created another outdoor space for the Lloyd Flanders' Life Happens Outside spring campaign. You may remember my "Afternoon Delight" post I did for them recently.  You can see that post HEREYou can also find my images on Houzz HERE
Like I mentioned before,  Lloyd Flanders is a company that carries beautiful fine woven wicker furniture and you guys already know what a fan I am of Wicker furniture. I love it! So I was super excited to get to work on this spring campaign.

Just for participating in their campaign, Lloyd Flanders sent me a wicker chair for free and it arrived yesterday!  I am so overjoyed with it.  I promise to share pictures of it with you in my next post. Thank you Lloyd Flanders!

So have a look, this is the Backyard Barbecue outdoor space I created.

 I have a beautiful tree in my backyard that is in full bloom with white blossoms and so I thought it would make the perfect backdrop for my backyard barbecue. 

For my table settingI layered my table with a blue and white gingham table cloth, I then added a stack of blue and white plates with a wicker charger at each setting, because I've always gotta have some wicker! :) And then a set of vintage Pyrex tea cups hold the condiments.  One for the ketchup and one for the mustard. I think this is such a cute added touch.

An over-sized wicker picnic basket gives height to the table and serves as extra serving space.

This is a simple setting, yet very charming and sweet.  It has everything you need to make your backyard barbecue feel special.

Now who wants to come over for some hot dogs off the grill?

You can find these images over at Houzz

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  1. I love the blue and white! I will be stopping by for an afternoon tea in a little while ;-)

  2. Love it! So happy you got featured, those pics were amazing!!!

  3. This looks so inviting. I really love the plates with the blue motif. We are enjoying our last day of sunshine in the US today before we go back to the rain of the UK tomorrow. I hope we get to enjoy some eating outdoors this year - it rained most of last summer!

  4. It makes me long for warm sunny days and eating outside! I really like your use of vintage dishes.

  5. What a welcoming setting you have-tablescape is so cute.

  6. Emily you have styled everything so nicely. What a wonderful way to enjoy a nice spring day.

  7. I definetely want to come to your bbq! It looks dreamy!

  8. I've been browsing the internet for some ideas for my labor day bbq. I want to decorate my backyard and maybe do some minor landscaping in order to make room for a fire pit. I visited party city to look for nautical flags and other decrotive items. I really like the recipe ideas!