$5 Curtains

I have come up with a super easy way to make curtains, and for super cheap!
I am so happy with them, and so I wanted to share them with you today.
I made my curtains out of cotton sheets that I picked up at Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart sells these twin size flat sheets for only $5! What a steal! You can't buy curtains nor fabric for that price.
At first I just bought the sheets because I needed a liner for my black and white Ikea cutains. 
My Ikea curtains are larger then your average curtain, and I knew that I could get the length I wanted from a sheet.
I sewed the sheet onto my Ikea curtains, just below the top hem, so that I could still fit the rod through.  It worked out perfectly!
I love the added fullness and layered look they added to my curtains.
Because I was so happy with the way the sheets turned out, I decided to hang them in our sunroom as well. I love all of the windows in our sunroom, so I really didn't want to cover then up at all. 
However, we did need the privacy, especially because this room doubles as a guest room.
So back to Wal-mart I went.  I picked up 5 more twin size sheets.
 (1 panel for each window, including the french doors).
I pre-washed each sheet, then I cut each one in half lengthwise.

*Note - depending on the size of your window, you may choose not to cut the sheet in half. However, for an average size window like these, 1 sheet cut in half will cover the window perfectly.
Next I ironed and hemmed all of the raw edges. 
Now for the tabs to hang it by; I cut slits into the top hem every couple of inches, being careful to only cut the top layer.
Make sure to start and end with a slit.
The reason for the slits is that it creates pleats in to curtain once hung. 
This also helps them to look more like curtains and less like sheets.
 I like that they don't cover up too much of my windows.  They are light, but they are still thick enough to give you the privacy you want.
The sheets are longer then your average curtain, therefore you get that great puddling on the floor.  If you don't like the puddle look you can also cut and hem the bottoms. 
like I said, this room doubles as a guest room. So we have brought in a twin bed, and filled it with pillows to create a day bed look.

 This is just a little sneak peak for ya.  I hope to have a room by room tour of my house up for you soon.

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  1. Great ideas...you are a sewing whiz! I love all the windows you have!


  2. What a fantastic idea and the room looks just wonderful.

  3. So I'm not the only one who uses those Walmart sheets as everything but sheets! I use them to line all my sewing projects. Super cheap way to buy thin white fabric.

  4. Great solution to your problem. Plus I love the idea of cutting the sheet with slits on the back side. It's perfect and something I have never thought of. next time I need curtains you can bet I'll be giving it a try myself. Thanks

  5. Congratultions Emily you won my giveaway! Can you email me your address and last name and I'll put you in touch with Eco Natural Soap.

  6. VERY clever. I love the slit idea in the hem. It wouldn't work if you were pulling the drapes all the time, but I bet in a guest room you only pull them now and again so it is perfect.

    1. A better idea would be to iron on some type of iron on interfacing or iron trim of some type on the part of the sheet to be slit. Then make the slits, preventing all the fraying you will get from just slitting the cheap sheet. It would also give a much nicer look to the finished curtain, when it is hung. ;-) JMO

  7. I don't get the slit part, where is the cut?

  8. Great looking. Loved it. Enjoy !

  9. I fell in love with your sunroom curtains the second I saw them. Realizing they were easy and inexpensive was the frosting on the cake. Thank you for sharing. I can now finish my bedroom make over!

  10. I get my sheets for curtains even cheaper by getting them at our Goodwill for $1.50 each!

  11. I've seen many tutorials on using bed sheets as curtains - and they look like bed sheets on curtain rods. Yours don't - and it has to be the slits you cut into the back to give it the pleated look. Awesome idea!

  12. Yeah, I don't get the slits either? Please explain further. I like the curtains.

  13. Yeah, I don't get the slits either? Please explain further. I like the curtains.

  14. Looks amazing! You inspired me so much! Thank you!
    Agata (from Mexico)

  15. I don't get the skits.
    Hope someone will post picture of slits. Pls tks

  16. look carefully and you will see that the curtain rod runs through the slits,and not through the hem.

  17. Hello Emili your post is too good and looking so beautiful for housing and kitchen purpose.

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  18. Very nice Emily. Always good to have economic ways to decorate. Keep them coming ��.

  19. I don't understand slit part can you show a pic of it please

  20. Great job. I had an idea for your slits. You could sew a long manual buttonhole for the slits and that way they would not fray if you had to wash them. What do you think?

  21. Please tell me what paint you used--love it!

  22. Wow, what a fabulous economic was to get beautiful curtains. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  23. What an inexpensive way to update a room also. Brilliant. Thanks for ur clever idea share

  24. Lorenzo Jose - Redondo Beach, CAApril 2, 2018 at 11:47 AM

    I love these Walmart sheets-- even for bedding! Have used for years now & with sewing projects. The slits for the rod is FANTASTIC- hemming the slits as someone suggested like a button hole is a good idea. One can also use FRAYCHECK-- it will keep those edges from going bad & is a faster fix than sewing. Use it OUTSIDE- fumes can be intense. Once dry, no problem, and washes with no prob AND works perfectly! Another little hint from a sojourner. The idea of cutting in half to make two panels is good. I like LINED drapes/curtain panels & just had this brain storm- TURN in half make, stitch a false seam on the folded edge, instant LINED DRAPES. Also stitch the opposite edge closed. Lining keeps the fabrics from sun fading & damage & looks even more elegant! I like to use even the larger sheets, take out all seams, turn fabric so straight grain is vertical not horizontal! Re-hem everything accordingly. That's a lot of sewing, but the results can be fantastic IF one has the time, and bother! Doing so one can use colored sheets with white lining, or ivory, or mix'n match & they can be reversible too! The sky's the limit on this! I use these sheets to make duvet (comforter) covers too, another fun project. Thanks for the good ideas & hints. Now off to Walmart for sheeting, and NEW CURTAIN PANELS by sundown!

  25. Can't wait to try this for my sunroom curtains. I have been trying to find a solution for quite some time. Not needing the curtain for privacy, but for screening sunlight at morning and evening. I might have to hand pleat the tops and add rings for opening and closing, but I think this sheet idea is def my solution! Thanks!