My New Ikea Couch

Yesterday was my Birthday.  I had an awesome day. During the day my little Jax and I went for a walk to the hardware store to buy some spray paint. Yes, my new home is in walking distance to an Ace Hardware.  How convenient is that?
Then we planted some flower bulbs that he gave me as a present.  It was such a beautiful day.
And I got lots of love from family and friends.
Then in the evening my husband made me a delicious dinner. Afterwards he and the boys surprised me with my very own Lego cake. You may remember all of my post about my kid's birthday Lego cakes.  It's kinda been our little tradition. 
Mine had "girl" Lego's on it.

 But the Best present I received was my new Ikea couch.  (See it online HERE.)
I have  been dreaming of this couch for a while now. It was a gift from my husband and MIL. Yes, I know I'm Super Spoiled.
It came in this huge box.

 It was so easy to assemble.  I did it All by myself.

 I just had to attach the arms with a couple of screws, put on the slipcovers and Walla!

It fits Perfect in my new living room.
 Now to just keep it new and white and pretty...that's the hard part, with two wild little boys and a hairy dog. Let's just say we have several new couch rules.  However, it is slip covered so I can throw it in the wash whenever needed.  Maybe down the road I will even buy an extra slipcover for it.   

I just love it!
P.S.  Don't mind the Mess. It's a work in Progress around here.


  1. I love it, Emily! I nearly bought one a few years ago. Those slipcovers will be your best friend! How do you like your new home> The living room is so the fireplace!


  2. I love it too Emily! YOUr house looks so pretty, you are going to have so much fun decorating it:). So glad you had a great bday! A big Happy Birthday from me too. Have a great night, Jen

  3. throw a jersey t-shirt sheet over the cushions, and then just wash that weekly. I did a post about mine on my blog, you can search for it under "white sofas".


  4. It's perfect! I have been dreaming of a white couch, but I'm too scared my boys will ruin it :-/ I can't wait to see the rest of your gorgeous home!

  5. I love mine! Don't use bleach, just something like Oxyclean (sometimes bleach makes them go yellowish). And if you want to smooth out the fronts of the arms, try some Downy Wrinkle Release spray. Lots easier than ironing.

  6. Your new couch looks perfect there, happy belated Birthday too!

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