Packing & Moving

Well we did it!
We moved into our New Home.
Although I wouldn't say we're all moved in just yet.  We have furniture and boxes everywhere.   It's very chaotic around here, but everyday it gets a little bit more organized.
I can't wait to have it all put together.

There has been a few little hiccups along the way, had to convert our 3 prong dryer into a 4 prong dryer to fit into the correct socket.  We had to fix a leaky outdoor faucet, we lost a dresser in the move, it fell over and got busted up.  We had to get all of our utilities all hooked up, and we're just trying to learn all of the quirks that come with a new house.

But we love it here.
I wake up every morning feeling so Lucky to get to live in this awesome home.

Ok so since we just made this big move, I thought I'd share some tips that worked for us.
Now our situation was a little different. We only moved 30 minutes away, and since Jake was driving out here to go to work everyday, and I was coming out to work on the house, we would both pack up our cars with a lot of  the little stuff.  This actually made a huge difference in the end.  All that was left was the furniture, and we moved it all in a big U-haul truck.  I just have to add,  Jake and I made this whole moving trip all by ourselves.  We were Rockstar Movers! Well I guess us and our Dolly.

So Tip #1 is to rent a dolly with your truck.  I don't know if we could have done this move without it.

Tip #2
I was surprised by how little of boxes we used.
Instead, I used what we already had, like; Suitcases, coolers, drawers, baskets, laundry baskets, bags, garbage sacks and plastic bins.
The bins were the most handy,  we would unload them at the new house and then bring them back to fill up again.

Tip #3
Instead of bubble wrap or newspaper, I used our towels, table cloths and linens to wrap things up.
I also used cheap paper plates in between all of my kitchen plates to help  protect them.

Tip #4
Stuff hanging clothes into garbage sacks while still on the hangers.
This helps to keep clothes all together, and then they are all ready to hang up in your new closet.

Tip# 5
Clean your new bathrooms ahead of time, if possible.  At the end of a long moving day, nothing is better then taking a hot shower in a clean bathroom.  Also don't forget to stock them with toilet paper.

Tip #6
Clean kitchen cabinets ahead of time, if possible.  It's amazing how much kitchen stuff we have.  I made organizing the kitchen the first thing to do on my list.  It was nice to get it all out of the way and have a working kitchen right away.

Tip #7
Pack your food up,  or make a trip to the grocery store.  Have easy to eat meals on hand so you don't have to eat out too much.

Tip #8 
Make your beds up as soon as possible.  You'll be glad you did after a long day of moving.

Tip #9
If moving with  kids, make sure to have snacks on hand.  Let them help out, my boy's got a kick out of caring things out to the big truck.  And just remember moving is a lot on a little one, so be patient and understanding with them.

Tip #10
Pack a special bag with items you will need right away, such as; toiletries, toothbrushes,  and medications.  Carry this bag with you and find a place for it as soon as you get to your new location.  You don't want to have to go searching for these things.

So these are my moving tips.  If you have any more to add, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

Once things get a bit more "Normal" around here,  I'll blog about my new painted kitchen cabinets.

Thanks for stopping by,