New House / Room by Room Inspiration / Part 2

I sure am having fun dreaming up my new house.
It's exciting to look through beautiful inspiration pictures and imagine my own rooms having the same look and feel as them.

So here is what I have in mind for the other half of my home.
(See the inspiration for the first half, in part 1, Here)

Office / Guestroom

This is my favorite room in the whole house. 
I just love all of the windows.
So I'm thinking a day bed in front of the windows would be the perfect little reading spot,  as well as serve as a bed for our guest.

(the lettered cottage)


Then on the opposite side of the room is where our desk will go, facing the windows of course. 
That great built in closet will be perfect for storing office and craft supplies.


I think I will paint the walls white, or bring in the same color I choose in the living room, either way I want the room to look light and airy.

Now moving on down the hall is my 
Boy's Room

This is going to be the perfect room for my boys.  It's spacious and has a ton of storage.
For inspiration, this room here pretty much says it all.

(pottery barn Kids)

 I'll do a light grey or blue on most of the wall and then have one whole wall be a giant grey chalkboard....  My boys will have so much fun with that.


Right now they have bunk beds,  but I'm thinking of taking them apart to have two beds. Then I like the idea of placing them head to head in the corner, leaving lots of play space on the floor.

(pottery barn Kids)

Moving on down the hall is the bathroom.  I know it's such a bad picture, So let me explain the room a bit.  It has a blue and white floor tile, then a white vanity with blue tiled counter tops. To the right when you walk in is the toilet.  Then to the right of the windows is some built in shelves.  Then there is wainscoting half way up the wall.

To me this room is just screaming to be decorated in nautical. 
I'll probably keep the room mostly white, then add some navy accents.
Here are a few rooms I like. 

 (left image Honeycomb creative co.)

Next up is the Master Bedroom.
Like I said before,  I love that it is in the Attic.


 In here I want to paint the walls.....Can you guess? Yes, White! 
This picture here is just SO dreamy to me.  I love everything about it.

Here are a few more pictures that I like too.
They all look so peaceful to me.



The Master Bathroom
This is a really neat bathroom. It has a spa like feel to it.

So when you walk in you are facing the shower and jetted tub. To the left is a built in vanity.

 And to the Right is the sink and toilet.

 Again some white paint on the walls to brighten it up. 
But then I'm thinking of painting the vanities to bring in some color.

I love this yellow, although I'm not sure how well it will go with all of the tile. This distressed blue would probably look great.


Or White.
Or maybe I will leave them wood, we'll see.

 Last room in the house would be the 

 I would love to show you lots of cute inspiration pictures for this room. . . However,  Jake and I have a deal.  I get to decorate the whole house however I wish. . but he gets to decorate the basement however he wants.  Fair is Fair, right?  Although it is such a shame,  this room is much too charming to be a man cave.

I have been super busy, packing and painting.. .  I have decided to go ahead and paint my new kitchen cabinets.  It's a big job, but I'm happy to get it done.  Can't wait to share it with ya when it's finished.

Thanks for stopping by,

P.S. All inspiration images can be found on my pinterest boards HERE


  1. I love that vintage sink in the dresser and if your not sure of the yellow paint a canvas like it to get that pop of colour your looking for and if it doesn't work then the painting goes elsewear but it's a pretty sunny colour :)

  2. Emily-so many pretty ideas. Looks like a fantastic family nest.
    Have a good weekend

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  6. Your post is full of wonderful inspirations, which is great! At least your mind will be somehow relieved from all the work you have to finish. Anyway, in all of these inspirations, what room are you most looking forward to finish? If I had to pick, I'd say the bathroom, the one you said has a spa-like feeling, should go first. What do you think?

    Luke Stephens @ Tranquility Pools

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