I have some really exciting news to share with you today. 
 We are Moving!!

My husband works in Emmett, a small town outside of Boise, Idaho. And since he will be taking over the law office out there, we have been looking for a new home to be closer to his work and the community.

I have been biting my tongue trying not to say anything until it was official.  I'm a bit superstitious and did not want to jinx anything.
 So now that we have closed, and the house is all ours, I'm excited to share the big news with ya.

We have bought this charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath home.  It was built in 1924 but has been fully remodeled. So I get the best of both worlds, an old home, which I favor,  minus all of the work they come with.
aside from some new paint to brighten it up and switching out some hardware, it's move in ready.

 Let me give you the Tour!
 Come on in!
When you first walk into the home you are greeted in a bright, light filled room.  On the right side is the living room, with a wood working fireplace.  On the Left side is the dinning area, more on that in a minute.  I wish I took a picture of the full room,  but you know there will be lots more pictures to come.

The living areas have the original hardware floors, and beautiful wainscoting and molding, which I believe is all new.
(and there is my sweet little boy, Jax)

See those gorgeous french doors....

They lead to my favorite room of the house.  I like to call it 
"the sun room" because of all of the windows, but we will use it as the office/guestroom.

The room comes with a built in closet.  You'll find a few of these throughout the home.

Here is the dining area. I wish I had a better picture though, but again there will be lots more pictures to come.

My favorite part is the built in corner cabinets, original to the home.

From the dining room, lets move right into the kitchen.

 I love the wood mounted stove top with pot faucet.
The kitchen is equipped with a built in microwave, double ovens, and granite counter tops.


Plus a walk in pantry.

Back in the living room, there is a hallway that takes you to the boy's bed room and main bath.


The boy's room is a great size for the two of them.

And not only does it have a built in closet,  but also a desk and window bench with book shelves.

The main bathroom is pretty simple. I like that it has windows to bring in some natural light. 
It also has blue tiled counter tops, which I think are fun.

Across from the bathroom is a staircase that leads you up to the
 master suite.

I love the Attic feel of it. 

Up stairs is also the brand new master bath.  I'm super excited to take a bath in that tub. 

 Ok then back down stairs, off of the kitchen is the back door and a staircase that takes you to the basement.

This room will be the perfect place for my family to gather and watch movies and play. It is equipped with a built in entertainment center.

 Down stairs also has a laundry room and utility closet (no picture) as well as an added room here.
We still need to finish the floors in there, but once done, we will use it as the Lego room.


 Wanna see the back yard?

So off of the kitchen you step out into the backyard.

It has a private little deck with built in bench and a hot tub. Yeah! Hot tub parties at our house!!

The yard is small, but perfect for us.  That building you see there? That would be the garage.  On the other side of the fence we have alley access with room to park 2 cars, and a basketball hoop for the boys.

And now for the boy's favorite part... check out this Awesome play fort!

This home is Perfect for us.  I can't wait to get moved in and settled in.
At the same time it will be hard to say good bye to the house we are in now.  It's the home we have raised our babies in.  It's in a nice neighborhood, walking distance to the school. 
 Jake's mother will be moving from Utah to live in our old home, so we still get to visit it whenever we wish.  And it will be so wonderful to have her close by.

I'm excited to take you on this new journey with us.
Thanks for stopping by, 


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! And I'm super excited to see the pics once you add your fabulous decorating touch!!!! Sad that you're moving, but so glad you found such a wonderful place!

  2. What a beautiful little home! I can't wait to see it with all of your stuff in it!

  3. Emily I am so happy for your sweet family! This house is absolutely gorgeous and it will be the perfect place for your boys to grow up and for all your fun and creative decorating projects!
    We will miss seeing you around here but I like that your MIL will be moving into the house and we look forward to meeting her.
    Good luck!!

  4. What a gorgeous house. It would be exactly what I would have bought too. The previous owners obviously put a lot of thought and care into the renovations. I love the little details like the 'pantry' sign on the door, and the paneling in the hall.

  5. Oh how exciting! A clean slate!! We built 7 years ago and I am still getting it just right! Let me know if I can help with the garden ;)

    Thanks for sharing!
    God bless....Brooke

    My home and garden site...

    My Vintage Art and Printables site...

  6. I'm in love with your home!! How beautiful. I love all of the wood! I think emmett is such a pretty place... And I already know all of the thrift and antique stores if you're interested :)

  7. What a nice home, Emily! Everything is updated and it looks like the previous owner was a fantastic carpenter. I love all the built in closets and nooks and the gorgeous floors. I'm so looking forward to seeing how you decorate your new home! :)


  8. How exciting! This is a charming home that y'all will enjoy for many years to come.


  9. congrats on the new home !! how adorable and may yall have years of happiness and warmth there ! ox

  10. It is sp perfect Emily, no doubt you will make it look so pretty. I just love all of the details, window & light. Is that a tree house? Lucky boys:). Beautiful pic of you btw:), Jen

  11. Your new house will be a great home. It has been updated so nicely while still maintaining the character and woodwork of the older home. Looking forward to seeing photos as you settle in. All the best!

  12. Wow! How exciting! What a beautiful home! I'm excited to see you put all your wonderful cottage, beachy, boho, touches to it!

  13. Its so beautiful and I am so glad that you and Jake are doing well.

  14. Its so beautiful and I am so glad that you and Jake are doing well.

  15. Congratulations! Your new home is lovely. I love an older home, too. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  16. It's beautiful!! I'm jealous -in a happy for you way, of course!

  17. Wow! Your new house is so beautiful! I’m pretty sure you’re excited to finally get settled in this home. So when do you plan to move there? I think you should get a moving company now. I’m sure you have a lot of stuff to move from your previous home. Good luck to this new journey of your life.

    >Stasia Delatorre

  18. What a gorgeous home! I’m actually envious of the basement area. Haha! Anyway, I know it’s sad that you’ll be parting from your old home. Just think of this as another milestone in your life. You will be starting new memories with your family in a new home! So, when’s the big move? Did you complete your moving checklist already?

    Elias Madden

  19. Too bad you didn’t get to share your house hunting blues with us! But all the same, the good news is more important! I’m glad that you feel like this is the perfect home for your family. I can see how it attends to the needs of every member, especially the boys. The play fort is so cool! :D And you said that it was built in 1924? Didn’t you find trapdoors or anything? :D -->Avril

  20. Wow!I love how the natural light passes through your home. That makes your spaces more inviting. Also, you can do a lot with big spaces. I pretty sure, you had a great time decorating your rooms.

    Patrick Tan

  21. I don't mean to sound like a downer, but do you really think it was smart to upload pictures of the front of your house (with the number), the inside, and your child?
    You're just asking for someone to break in and no EXACTLY where to go. This is the kind of post criminals love seeing...

  22. Oh my husband and I were just oogling over your home. so much like ours!! We live in south Florida in a home built in 1936. We are the second owners and have restored it to its natural beauty. Much if the built ins, windows,and doors you have we do too!! Yet we are so far apart!!

  23. Even in this former empty state, your "new" home absolutely looks beautiful! And that play fort is probably the deal closer for me too! Congratulations on finding this amazing house! I hope there weren't much difficulties in the moving process. It's also been a year now and I'm loving the way on how you settled in and made this house your own. Dave @ PackCrateAndShip.com

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  26. That's one fine house, and as I see in your next posts - you are able to make it even nicer after you moved in.

  27. Wow it is beautiful. It is hard to explain my favorite part. I love the windows. They are very unique looking. And I really like the dark hardware. It makes it pop and look at little more masculine. I also really love the floors. They are a good color and look like they will stay in good shape for years.

    Rupert @ Gulf Shores Real Estate And Homes

  28. Your new house is so lovely, I'm sure you'll be very happy there. I like a house where I can easily walk straight into and start a new life. That's what you've got there with all those cupboards and kitchen units. Even a desk and bookshelves in the boy's room- you could nearly move in with beds and nothing else.

    Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van


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