New House Room by Room Inspiration Part 1

First off I would just like to say Thank you so much for your congratulations on our new house.
I was overwhelmed with your comments and they made me even more excited for our move.
So Thank you all.
(In case you missed my last post,  we are moving, and you can see our new house HERE)

So with buying a new home comes a load full of decorating ideas.
Every time I look at Pinterest I change my mind on how I want to decorate my new home.
So to try to get a grip on things, I've decided to put together an inspiration post of how I picture each room looking.

Your feedback and comments would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!

The Living Room

On the walls, I'm playing around with the idea of painting them one of these following colors.  However, I go back and forth because I also just love a good bright white room. But because the molding is all so beautiful, I'd hate for it to get lost in a sea of white.
 Benjamin Moore / Gray Lake
Benjamin Moore / Cloud Nine
Benjamin Moore / White Ice 

I came across the top two colors over at The Lettered Cottage, Here.
They first painted their sunroom Cloud Nine and then re-painted it in Gray Lake. 
However, the color swaps above and their pictures below look slightly off,  that's why I have also chosen White Ice.

Which is your favorite?

Then I plan to pick up this sofa from Ikea...  I love it, and it's super cheap at $400.  That's what I'm talking about!!  I have long dreamed of a white sofa just like this one.

Then with the room really light and airy I can then play around with color by bringing in pillows and accessories.

I have always loved this room from Pottery Barn.

I also want to bring in a colorful piece of furniture.  I have a dresser that I think would work well against the main wall,  it's similar to the blue one below, only larger. I'd use it as a t.v. stand, and then group some pictures or mirrors on the wall behind it.  It could be fun to paint it in bright green like the bench below.

 (both pics can be found on my Pinterest board HERE).

Something like this above the fireplace could be really neat. Cute barn doors to hide the t.v. Although I usually have lots of fun decorating my mantel, So it's just an idea.

Then because the Dining Room, is basically the same room, It would also get the same color of paint on the walls.
I'll bring in my kitchen table,  which I plan to paint white. And I may switch out that light fixture.

Of course, I'll be filling up my new hutches with my collection of white dishes.

Here is some inspiration for the dining room.
I have always been a fan of Dreamy Whites Dining room
 (next two photos).

It's just a really pretty, romantic space.
Although, I'm also drawn to this look here from Pottery Barn

I think I can marry the two.
Paint my table and bench white,  pick up a couple of these wicker chairs from Ikea.  $29.99 each.
With the remaining chairs, I could always paint them a fun color like these green ones here.  I just love the idea of it all being so mish- matched.

 Are you feeling it?

Ok now lets move on to the Kitchen.

 This is where I need your opinion the most.
Sorry, it's not the greatest of pictures,  but as you can see the cabinets are a cream color with brown stained edges.  I'm debating if I should paint them or not.
They remind me a little bit of this kitchen here. Which is really warm and inviting.

Then I would go with a lighter cream color on the wall, white accents and maybe paint the bar in a green like the door below.
I have always loved this kitchen here.

I am always drawn to Bright White Kitchens.
I love this one from DustyLu

Although, she has since painted her island a dark grey. I love the pop it gives.


 I don't have an island, but I do have that breakfast bar that I think would look good painted in an accent color.  Maybe in a softer grey like this.
I guess I could also paint the lower cabinets grey,  and the uppers white.

(all kitchen pictures can be found on my pinterest board, Here)
 I will have to work with the tile backsplash, which is grey.  So maybe sticking with greys would be best, kinda blend it in.

What do you think,  Cream, White or Gray cabinets??

So let's stop here.  I'll be back to share my inspirations for the rest of the house next time.
Again, Let me know what you think.


  1. Congratulations! What a beautiful new home. I love your ideas! I purchased the same Ikea couch last spring...Love it! I suggest buying a back up slip cover only $49. Need to get one myself. I love Cloud Nine - I have Benjamin Moore Pashmina on my walls. So I lean more toward grays than blues. Cabinets...all of your color choices are great. I went with an off white with mine, and gray walls. You have great your gut. Happy Decorating!

  2. As long as you love the colours I love the cloud white by benjamin moore it's all bright and cheery and looks great with the dark greys/blacks too have fun decorating :)

  3. So many decisions, so many questions - I love it. Here's what springs to mind. I prefer Gray Lake (although haven't seen it in person) for the living room and totally agree the walls shouldn't be just white as you need that contrast with the gorgeous molding ... and especially given that you are going with a white sofa as well. I love the idea of a few pieces of furniture that are painted in an interesting colour to bring in some interest.

    As for the dining room - I think the table painted white is a great idea. You might want to look at IKEA's other wicker chairs as they have two more (including a new one out last month) that I think look more interesting than the one you showed (although they do cost more like $100 each). You could always get 4 wicker chairs and fill in with other ones (I've been toying with the idea for my own dining room).

    Although I love a white kitchen, I think I would live with the stained cabinets as they are to see how you feel about them - they aren't bad and you might be able to work with them. Have you thought about white on the top and gray on the bottom. That's what I did and I love the interest it adds. You can see my kitchen in this post: Also I just did a series (another one is coming out tonight) on white kitchens which I will put the links for below as you might find some good inspiration pictures in them. And finally, I think I would add beadboard to the breakfast bar as I find the finish looks a bit flat along under the counter. Here are the white kitchen posts:

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do and your design journey as you get there.

  4. Wow I'm glad I read the comments because I agree with Grace (and I won't have to do all that typing). I especially like her suggestion about the breadboard. I painted my cupboards white on top and grey on the bottom and I love the look.

  5. It's me again. I was just reading another blog about her kitchen redo and thought the soft greeny-gray that she paired with cream cabinets that look something like yours was an interesting choice and might look good in your kitchen as well (mind you I'm still a fan of gray). You can see it here:

  6. I remember all too well that feeling , enjoy it, savor it. That new house feeling and all of the creativity that comes with it so much fun! I love all of your ideas, can't wait to see it all come together. BTW I just bought the same sectional & love it!

  7. I think your cabinets are pretty. Painting a whole kitchen full of cabinets is so much work, why don't you live with them for awhile and see what you think of them in another season when the light is brighter? I would paint that breakfast bar, though.

  8. It's going to look beautiful - love your inspiration! I'm all for grey cabinets - gorgeous!

  9. I'm late on this, but I think if you are leaning towards adding bright greens (which I really love) you should go with the Cloud 9 color. If you decide to add more blues or paint your bottom cabinets gray, go with the Gray Lake. Either way, I know your house is going to look oh so great and will be pinned billions of times over. I can't wait to see it in person!

  10. I'm way late to the party, but I hope you didn't paint your cabinets; I love them. I agree with the idea to paint your penninsula tho-- that's always a fun place to add a pop of color.I'm jealous! I always wanted an old house...looks like I am going to have to settle for building a new one to look old. Hope we can pull it off....

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