Red, White and Plaid Christmas Tree

 I have been playing around with my blog header,  what do you think?  I'm still messing around with it, so don't be surprised if it keeps changing. 
So in my last post I shared my Winter Wonderland Christmas mantel
 (click HERE to see it again) and today I'm going to share my Red White and Plaid Christmas tree with ya.

  Every year my tree  looks a little different. Just by mixing out my ornaments and adding a few new ones, it gives it a whole new look, special to that year.

This year I made stick stars.  I have them hanging on my mantel and on my tree, including one as a tree topper.  I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make them soon.


Some other ornaments that I have made in the past years are these snow filled glass ornaments, instructions HERE, and then last year I made the yarn ball ornaments, Instructions on those HERE.

This year I also added strips of plaid fabric, tied to the the tree branches. I absolutely just love them. They add so much to my tree and give it a rustic cabin look.  I also added the white snow flakes,  I love all of the pops of white they add.

Yes,  I know I took a ton of pictures of my tree.  I just like it a lot.

This year I put my tree in an old wooden box I had, It works but I really wish I had a galvanized bucket or a huge wicker basket to put it in.  Maybe next year.

Next time I want to share my Christmas tree all lit up at night.  So stay tuned.  Plus I have lots more Christmas decorating to come!


  1. Well you know I love your tree! :) The twig stars are just so awesome and I also really like the super large Christmas balls on the tree.

  2. I love your decorations and your tree is adorable. I love how you have brought in outdoor accents into your living room :) I love the twig stars! I have also added twig star accents to my holiday decor, love the look.


  3. The tree looks great. I love the colors. I use to dislike red I Christmas decorations but I think it's because I have only seen it done tacky. Your tree looks so classy and festive! I am starting to want to add red to my Christmas decorations.

  4. I love the country tree with plaid as well as all the other rustic accents. They just pop against tha white mantle that I adore!!! I've used this in Christmas's past My decorations are just not me this year and all except my tree are a bit to fluffy for me. But there will be another year and I love change and all the ideas I find here among friends.

  5. Ditto, ditto, and ditto. What do you know, I love your tree too! And I love your new family pic over there in the side bar. Cuteness galore!

  6. Such a lovely tree!!! I love all of your beautiful touches.

  7. Emily, It is perfect in every way! I know your boys must be so excited! Jen