My Tree at Night

Christmas Tree's are always the Prettiest at night.  I love the Magic they bring.

 Under our tree we have a basket full of children's Christmas Books.  My boys and I enjoy reading them in front of the tree each night.

Abby enjoys the tree as well.

To learn more about my Christmas tree,  see my last post HERE.

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  1. There is NOTHING like a tree... glowing so brightly! I can remember wanting to SLEEP under ours when I was a little girls... "sigh" didn't get to!


  2. There is nothing like twinkling lights! Well done!

  3. Your home looks so warm and inviting. I am so glad to be following
    your blog-life is always interesting with 2 healthy boys-been there and miss doing that now that they're grown.

  4. love your Christmas tree especialy the placement of the Christmas books, ready for you and your family to read together in front of the tree. Your Christmas Tree has a feeling of family times. If you don't mind I may borrow your idea of the story books for my Christmas.


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