How to Make Stick Stars

Today I am going to teach you how to make stick stars, like these ones found on my Christmas mantel, and on my Christmas tree

 I knew I wanted to make a bunch of stick stars for my Christmas decorating, even way before Christmas time.  So in the fall when we had cut down an old dead tree, I gathered up all of the branches.


Then I broke them up by size. A saw would have worked best, but I just used my hands to brake them. It left a more jagged edge, so it's up to you how you want your edges to look.  Also you will want to wear gloves as you will get a splinter or two.

Then I took 5 sticks that were the same size, and laid them out to form a star.

Using my hot glue gun,  I first glued the five corners together (see red dots below).  Then I glued everywhere where the sticks overlapped (see green dots below). The hot glue worked great to hold it all together.

On some of my stars I added twine around the 5 points.  This helps to keep them together, as well as give them a more finished look.


 On one I even used bakers twine.  I'm liking  the pops of red on it.


I have placed that one on my mantel, along with this Christmas sign.   I made the sign awhile back to sell in my etsy store,  but like every thing else from my etsy store I decided to keep it for myself.   However I do plan to get a good store going the first of next year.

So here is a look at my updated Mantel.

 I still have so much Christmas Decorating to show ya. So I'll be back soon!


  1. Well that is easy peasy! I'm going to have to remember to save some sticks when I'm pruning this summer. I really love your stars!

  2. I love those, Emily! I'm going to have to make some for my big decorating project. Thanks!

  3. Your stick stars turned out beautiful!

  4. Your stars turned out beautiful-that looks like something even I can do (once the 3rd degree burns from my last glue gun episode are healed-LOL)

  5. you are so sweet to share your ideas with all of us..the stars are so lovely and simple...thank you.

  6. I adore your stars! I'm going to have to plan ahead next year so I can make some for my tree.

  7. Oh so simple and yet so lovely! Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. this is super simple and an awesome idea to make with the kids. we just did it yesterday, just grabbed a few twigs off the front lawn , used rubber band or silly bands we have cluttering the house/trashbag twist ties, and viola! thank you so much for the idea. we love it!